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Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Writer's Joy

If a picture is worth a thousand words, than a car trip with two incredible authors is worth millions of stories!

And oh the stories I could tell! But I won't. Because there are reciprocal stories I'd rather not see on the internet. ;-)

I will suggest talking to Creston Mapes about his feelings regarding Burger King and their mayo issues. And you'll get a good story if you ask Cindy Woodsmall about the turkey's thoughts on Thanksgiving....

But instead of telling stories that will get me in trouble, I'll show you some highlights....

First off, every good trip starts with establishing who's in charge. In our case, we're all kings and queens...

A good road trip continues with Starbucks...

And more Starbucks. We don't have pictures of these stops because all authors were too busy getting Venti cups of Joe to go. ;-)

Another thing a good road trip needs is a wonderful destination. We had that in spades because we got to stay with another amazing author, my friend, Beth White.

Besides the tears from laughing so much, the times when all three of us were on cell phones, and the awesome time we had just hanging out, we were privileged to be a part of a multi-author booksigning and teaching time at Crossroads Books and Gifts in Mobile, Alabama.

Everyone there was so wonderful! If you're ever in Mobile, stop by and say hi to these great folks!

Do notice the chocolate I brought just for our new friend, Joan, WPAS 89.1 radio host of Morning Light with Joan Hill.

After a fantastic time meeting some wonderful folks, the three of us headed home, passing up a Starbucks right across the street from the bookstore. A choice two of us were desperately regretting as we searched on Cindy's GPS for the nearest Starbucks.

We waited miles and miles to reach a city with the hope of coffee ahead.

Nearing a major road change from I-65 to I-85, we desperately searched for the green and white sign.

We kept our eyes focused on the goal.

We prayed. Hoped. And looked some more.

Then...praise God we found one! And again all three authors loaded up with Ventis and got on the road with cell phones in hand.

Our road trip continued with more brainstorming, talking, and laughing till we cried.

One of the most important things I learned this trip was what a gift author-friends are. Just like my mom-friends and the awesome friends at church and my homeschool group, they "get" me. And life is so much sweeter shared with people who understand and love you for who you are.

As we enter into Thanksgiving week, I pray we'll all look up and around and see so many things~ both the big and the small~ that have made our lives richer because God has blessed us over and above all we can imagine.


Creston Mapes said...

Awesome trip, Sister! Thanks for all the input on my 4th. It was indeed a spirit-lifting trip! Your bro, Creston

Amy Wallace said...

It was an awesome trip! Thanks for your photo and driving expertise...and for taking care of the mayo. ;-)

The entire weekend was a God kissed time and it was a blast to spend it with you, Cindy, and Beth.

Can't wait to read the 4th!

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