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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thankful hearts

My kiddos sing this song about how there's "so much, so much, so much, to be thankful for!"

I'm thankful for a ton of things this year, some easy to give thanks for and some much harder to lift my head and say, "Thanks, Daddy."

But for both, I'm gonna join in my kid's song and share some of the things I'm thankful for this year. I hope as you read my list, you'll think about what God has done in and around you this year too.

I'm heart thankful for...

The everyday reality that my Daddy has never and will never give up on me.

A husband I love, hate, and would never be the person I am without. Iron sharpening iron is never a fun or painless process. But I would not know the Lord like I do if not for the man God put in my life as my soul mate, partner, and best friend. Even when I sin in my anger and say things I shouldn't, I know my husband loves me and forgives me. He knows I do the same for him. Life is richer and far bigger because I have a husband who always points me back to the Lord.

Three precious daughters who love well, laugh a lot, and hold a mirror up so that I see not only my sin and am led to repent, but they also show me God at work in all five of the Wallace clan.

Living a dream. Holding my first novel in my hands and knowing God alone brought me to this place for my good and His glory. It hasn't often felt "good" but I've always had a sense that God was at work in the good, bad, and sometimes ugly parts. It's beautiful to look back over this year and see God's fingerprints in everything.

Heart chocolate. Friends and words that remind me just how big and rich God is and what life abundant looks like.

My best friend, Jen. She tells me when I'm sinning and when I "done good." She knows so much about me and loves me anyway. And she never lets me forget just how much she knows. ;-)

My loving journey buddy, Sharon. She and I have shared holy laughter and painful tears. And just getting to talk reminds me what an awesome heavenly Daddy we have~ even when the road is marked with suffering.

My incredible church family. We've finally found a place where it's safe to be messy and forgiven and in need of prayer.

My prayer group. They've prayed me through what felt as close to hell as I'd like to touch and into the loving arms of our God who died so that we might know life abundantly.

An amazing group of friends all across the US and into Canada and Australia. I'm so honored to call so many amazing women my friends.

I'm also very thankful for every person who makes up this blog community~ you all are a joy to connect with in cyberspace.

I'm thankful for every reader of Ransomed Dreams and for those who've written to say God used it in their lives. What a humbling thing to know God is on the move in hearts and I get to be a tiny part of that amazing work.

A few more reasons to give thanks...

We live in a free country because men and women are willing to give their lives to protect us.

We serve a God who will strengthen our backs instead of taking away the painful parts of life Because He knows the good He's doing in our hearts and in the lives of others we may never know this side of heaven.

No matter where you are this Thanksgiving week, I pray you'll think of at least one thing for which you can truly lift your eyes to heaven and say thank you from your heart.

Sometimes that's a painful sacrifice to praise in the midst of pain. You're not alone.

You have nail-scared hands holding up your weary ones. I pray you'll rest in them.

And give thanks.

Let's encourage one another today and share... what are you thankful for?

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