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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

My favorite book

I've hinted about this book for a while now, so I thought it only fair to fess up and share not just my #1 favorite book, but #2 as well.

First I'll give you some clues....

Book #1 tag line is: "In a fierce struggle for survival, don't mess with a mom." Amen!

Book #2 tag line is: "Chosen to save a people, called to serve an enemy."

Next I will tell you that I'm a pretty mainstream reader. I have a few favorite authors in the genres I like best. Those would be humor, some chick lit, some suspense, and a whole lotta non-fiction.

But my top two favorite books of all time are none of the above.

What captured me about these two stories is that no other author has taken me to another world and given me an exciting story, a little humor, characters I want to have as friends, and made me cry and worship the Lord at the same time.

All this in one book? Absolutely.

There are word pictures and things that happened to these characters that will stay in my mind and heart for a lifetime. Things that God uses over and over to remind me of truth.

That's powerful writing.

Know who I'm talking about yet?

Time for a hint~ these books are both by author Sharon Hinck

Here's what I had to say in the two Amazon reviews I wrote:

The Restorer is a Calgon escape which renews your spirit, refreshes your soul, and reminds you of truth all wrapped up in an engaging and well-written novel.

I loved the well-developed characters, intense action, and enthralling story world Sharon Hinck created. But even more than that I loved how Sharon wrote a story that reveals God's awesome character in so many exciting ways. In every page I could see His fingerprints, and in every plot twist God opened my eyes to truth I could apply to my life. Mind poison and things not being what they seem are not solely for alternate worlds; we fight battles similar to Susan's every day.

Sharon Hinck has successfully written a novel that will inspire the hero in all of us and remind us of the redemptive hand of God in the most difficult situations.

So there you have it~ The Restorer is my #1 book of all time.

Now for #2...

This is a story for anyone who's ever felt the sting of rejection and the hunger for something more.

Kieran's journey and the twists and turns of this story are beautifully portrayed, action-packed, and full of real-life emotion. From incredible sword fights to the passion and pain of fulfilling a calling, this story captivated me from page one and kept me up late at night.

Whether you're a fantasy fan, a mom-lit reader, or someone who simply enjoys an excellent novel, The Restorer's Son is sure to establish Sharon Hinck as a beloved favorite author.

Now you know my top two books of all time. And because I love these books so much and want my friends to enjoy them too... I have a copy of The Restorer's Son just for you!

Leave me a note in the guestbook and I'll pick a name the end of next week.

Happy reading you all!


Timothy Fish said...

I would like to be included.
Timothy Fish

donna said...

i've heard so much about this books!
i'll have to check them out...
please enter me :)
please contact me at:

Angela said...

Sign me up! :)

Dawn said...

Please enter me in your contest for a copy of Sharon Hinck's new release, The Restorer's Son. Thank you!


Unknown said...

I read the Restorer with the ACFW Book Club this month and enjoyed it - Please include me in the drawing for the Restorer's Son.

Janna said...

I loved The Restorer! I haven't gotten to read The Restorer's Son yet - please enter me!


Pamela J said...

my email is
Please enter me in the drawing for The Restorer's Son. I don't have the first book yet but very much look forward to reading them both. My husband and I read books together sometimes and this sounds like a must for both of us. Thanks.

Hope Chastain said...

I'd love to read it, too! Please enter me in the drawing! Thanks!

hope _ chastain @ yahoo . com [no spaces]

Stormi said...

I loved the first book I would really like to be entered to win the second one. Thanks.


Amy Wallace said...

(Posting for a friend blogger isn't being nice to.)

Amy I would like to have my name put in the drawing.

Betty Jo

Amy Wallace said...

(Posted for another friend Blogger isn't being nice to.)

Amy, I have been reading all this month on the ACFW book loop about the Restorer. I have that book and will carve out time to ENJOY that book and not just read through it. So, Please sign me up to win book #2.


Unknown said...

Awesome review! Both books are great, I would love to be added

Brittanie said...

Enter me please.

Roheryn said...

I flew through the Restorer!
Please enter me in the drawing!

Donald James Parker said...

Hi Amy,
I'd love to win this book. Thanks for hosting this drawing.
Donald James Parker

CherryBlossomMJ said...

I would love to be entered! And where in Atlanta do you live? Do you have a fabulous church, because my husband and I are still looking...

Sally Datria said...

I can't possibly win twice in a row but what the heck??

Thanks for all the prayers, sweetie!! There's an update on my blog!!

Anonymous said...

would love to win, thanks!

Amy Wallace said...

Thanks so much to everyone for posting and sharing my love for Sharon's awesome books!

And the winner is...



Hope Chastain said...

Thank you so much! Mom and I are really excited to get to read it! Your blog is a blessing!

Dona Watson said...

Book 1 was great. Please entermy name for Book 2. Thank you!

dl wat son at veri zon dot net

Unknown said...

Oh man, I missed out! :(
But am very excited to get my hands on these books, Sharon Hincks is a great author...I've read two of her mom lits, my mom and I both enjoyed them...and for my 73 year old mom to enjoy a mom "lit" book, that says a lot about Sharon's writing!

Your favorite books! What a compliment, I really can't wait to read them!

Mary (HSH)

lilac grandma said...

I just read "Becky Miller" and loved it! Your blog is really great. please enter me. Blessings! Melody

windycindy said...

Hello, Please include me in your wonderful contest. I appreciate it! Cindi

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