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Thursday, November 15, 2007

lessons from sick land

In the Wallace home, we've all been slammed with allergies turned super nasty. My youngest even ended up in the ER with croup. Praise God, she's okay and we're all in the recovery process now.

It's funny listening to little one's perception of how long sickness lasts. "I'll NEVER be well again!" and "I'm gonna cough till my lungs are gone." have all been heard this week. Add to that my own three-year-oldish demands at 2AM~ "God! I NEED sleep!"

Thankfully, He's good and He understands. Even when sickness dissolves us into little kid perspectives.

Last night was a tough one because I REALLY needed sleep. Today I have an interview that I've been looking forward to for weeks and a road trip to Alabama this weekend with two other authors to teach.

And I'm almost voiceless and so tired I nearly fell asleep at lunch.

But you know what?

God is still good. And He will provide all we need for everything He calls us to do.

The first time I vividly saw this lesson lived out was at my first writer's conference in 2002. Due to things beyond my control, I got a total of maybe one hour of sleep the night before I had three big meetings with editors and agents.

I was well beyond exhaustion and looked it.

Dragging myself through breakfast and morning classes, I finally arrived at the door to my first very important appointment.

I'll never forget the energy that surged and how God showed up. Each of my meetings went well and I ended the day more alive and in awe than I'd been in a long time.

God provided just what I needed, exactly when I needed it.

I'd still prefer a good night sleep most days. ;-) But I try to remember that I've seen God do so much more than I could imagine in the midst of my weaknesses.

I have a feeling I'll get to see God in action in the midst of my weakness once again this weekend. And I'd SOOOO appreciate your prayers for this Saturday! Here's the scoop...

November 17, 2007 - The Art of Fiction Writing with Cindy Woodsmall, Creston Mapes, and Amy Wallace at Crossroads Books & Gifts in Mobile, AL

We'll also be doing a booksigning after the teaching time. So any of you all in or near Mobile, come on out and join us! I'm bringing chocolate. ;-)

In the meantime, it’d be a huge encouragement to me to hear how you’ve seen God in action through your weaknesses. Please share your story in the comments!


Rel said...

It looks terrific, Amy :) Another job well done by Dave, eh?!

I'll look in to blogrush too - loved the explanation - I was able to understand it so we are obviously on the same wavelength - LOL!!

Rel said...

Oops - David - sorry bout that!!!!

Amy Wallace said...

Yep, another great job by my awesome hubby. ;-)

So glad to know we're on the same wavelength! LOL

Unknown said...

So sorry you've all been sick! I know how that goes...and how it can seem to last forever. I bet by now you have some new favorite supplements! Lol, I know I do! I'll be praying for you, you have so much going on! ((hugs))

Btw, I love your new blog look, definitely says "heart chocolate"!

Mary (HSH)

Unknown said...

Okay, you asked for it. How I've seen God in action through my weaknesses. I blogged about it here:

Unknown said...

Well, it looks like the link didn't copy...but it's posted at my homesteepedhope website, for Sunday, November 18th...and titled:

Anything Short of Hell is a Privilege (not my original, btw, Mark Lowry's!)


Sally Datria said...

I have a bracelet with this verse on it...I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties, For when I am weak, then I am strong. 2 Cor 12:10...God always gives us just what we need, just when we need it.
Praying for you this week, sweetie, I hope your weekend roadtrip is going well!!

Amy Wallace said...


Thanks so much for your prayers! And I really appreciate your affirmation about the blog. I'm still getting used to the new look, but I love it. ;-)

Great post about God in action through our weaknesses. Thanks so much for sharing it!

Amy Wallace said...


Boy did I wrestle with that verse while I wrote Healing Promises... as you know. Thanks for reminding me that God always gives us what we need when we need it!

Thanks so much for your prayers too! God was much at work!

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