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Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Enduring Justice blog tour!

So glad you could join me for the book tour for the latest release in the Defender's of Hope Series! I'm so privileged to have such a stellar cast of bloggers agree to tour this book!

Enter to win all THREE BOOKS in the DOH series by signing up for Amy’s Dark Chocolate Suspense Newsletter and then leave a comment on this blog tour post. If you already subscribe to the newsletter, just leave a comment saying so on this post! The winner will be chosen at random on 5/13/09. Two runner's up will also be chosen to win a copy of Enduring Justice.

Enduring Justice Secrets Can’t Last Forever

Hanna Kessler’s childhood secret has remained buried for over two decades. But when the dark shadows of her past threaten to destroy those she loves, Hanna must face the summer that changed her life and the man who still haunts her memories.

As a Crimes Against Children FBI Agent, Michael Parker knows what it means to get knocked down. Difficult cases and broken relationships have plagued his entire year. But when the system fails and a white supremacist is set free, Michael’s drive for retribution eclipses all else.

A racist's well-planned assault forces Hanna and Michael to decide between executing vengeance and pursuing justice. The dividing line is the choice to heal. But when the attack turns personal, is justice enough?

Want to read more? Read the first two chapters of Enduring Justice here!

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Please visit the stops on my nationwide virtual book tour by clicking on the links below! The tour runs 4/27 - 5/7.

Denise at Under the Boardwalk
You will find yourself rooting for these characters as they deal with their wounded pasts. This series is not only entertaining, but each one has a specific message for our lives. The stories are fast paced full of suspense and a touch of romance.

Mimi at Mimi's Pixie Corner
I love Amy Wallace's stories. She thrills as well as makes your heart soar. Very intellegent along with a lot of heart.

Pamela at Aunt Pam's Closet

Marietta at Mari's Morning Room

Cathy at Word Vessel and a great interview here!
Author Amy Wallace delivers an edgy read with the third book in her Defender of Hope Series. This book is real and gritty and unnerving, all the things that keep you up all hours of the night turning pages! The author does a wonderful and gutsy job of tackling difficult subject matter.

Melissa at A Weak Rose
Amy Wallace's writing is superb, her subject matter gripping. I will be looking for future book titles by her and adding them to my library!

Gina at Portrait of a Writer
I read the first book in this series and really liked it.

Amy at The 160 Acre Woods
It isn’t a comfortable read. It touches subjects that are real — racism, bigotry, rape, and family issues. It also gives hope to these issues. I love that Amy shares her personal story (about rape) in the end notes, and how she dealt with some of it. It really adds to the story and makes it more empowering. Amy adds in God and it really makes the book so much more! The struggle with emotions in this book from the un-forgiveness, and the rage are well represented. But most of all it really shows the hope and the healing we have by listening to God and letting His truth release us. This is a great read, and if you’re looking for an edge of the seat thriller, this one is it!

Margaret at The Cappuccino Life
Amy Wallace ties together some big issues in this novel--child abuse, white supremacism, and general human sinfulness--to create a thrilling fast-paced novel.

Leticia at My Daily Trek
I must confess that I have not read the first two books in this series. But reading Enduring Justice stands great on its own. This book represents the title perfectly...It is a must read! And I am going to head over to the library and get the first two books of this awe inspiring series.

Laura at Lighthouse Academy
ENDURING JUSTICE is the third book in the Defenders of Hope series. I’ve read all Amy’s books since the beginning and can honestly say that she’s only gotten better with time...ENDURING JUSTICE is a book that will not be easily forgotten.

Marta at Marta's Meanderings
Wow this book is exciting! The action never stops in this book...All of the detail really makes the story believable.

Kaylea at My Scrappy Life
I found more than a novel as I dived into the pages...While the book wasn’t an easy read, it did provide me with something to think about. It also makes me want to find the earlier books in the series –

Melissa at Breath of Life
It's been a while since I stayed up past midnight for anything, let alone to finish a book. But Enduring Justice by Amy Wallace sucked me right in.

Deborah at Books, Movies and Chinese Food

Amy at Sprightly
What an action packed whirlwind of a story! Bravo Amy...I was on the edge of my seat right up to the end. Amy's character's jump right out of the pages of the book. What a treat!

Dineen at Kittens Come From Eggs
I recently finished Enduring Justice and loved it just as much as the first two in the Defenders of Hope series. All three books have ministered to me in some way. And you just can't put these stories down! Amy Wallace weaves deep characters with real issues and struggles. These are stories and characters that linger with you. I can't recommend them enough. This is definitely one of my favorite series of books.

Donna at Write By Faith
Check out Donna's fun interview with me!

Jill Elizabeth at Artistic Blogger
An awesome writer and dear, lovely friend, Amy Wallace, has just released her dynamic third book in the Defenders of Hope series, Enduring Justice. It's a "wow" read...

Kate at A Simple Walk
I thought the story line of Enduring Justice was just fabulous. It was action-packed right from the start. It was full of dynamic characters and intense drama and suspense.

Peggy at Sips & Cups Café

Cara at Cara’s Musings
I loved this book! Amy does not write easy stories. Instead, her characters deal with real life issues in very real ways. But each book is over shadowed by God's amazing grace. This books shows that even more than the prior two. Her characters are real -- the kind you want to sit down and share a cup of coffee with. Her plots are rich with layers of suspense, romance, and a spiritual depth that reaches right to your heart!

Amy at My Friend Amy

Jill at Christian Work at Home Moms

Janice at The Nearsighted Bookworm

Kara at Ramblings-n-Writings
Author Amy Wallace tackles some big issues and writes in a way that keeps you on the edge of your seat. I know I will be heading to the library for the first two books in the series.

Michelle at Edgy Inspirational Author
I can honestly say that this read is fantastic and the emotions that coincide with Hanna's past were very well done. The thugs are creepy. The writing is intelligent. It's ALL good.

Camy at Camy's Loft

Christa at Chrisa Allan

Mary at Home Steeped Hope
Her latest romantic suspense, Enduring Justice, “had me from hello”! I’ve got to tell you, I am so sad to see the Defenders of Hope series end! But what an ending!

Ruth at Christian Fiction Queen

Deborah at Comfort Joy

Tricia at It's Real Life
Amy is a GREAT writer! Her stories grip the heart and leave you on the edge of your seat!

Mindy at Ponderings of the Heart
Amy Wallace's new book is suspenseful from the first chapter to the last chapter and I can honestly say that while I won't give away the ending, I sighed a big sigh of relief that all the "good guys" came through in the end!This book is full of heart- wrenching humanity. I really loved this book.

Lena Nelson at Christian Writer's World
Check out Lena's interview with Amy!
A powerful read!

Susan at Scribbles
Amy Wallace tackles the tough stuff with ease (and pure enjoyment) in the latest installment of her series.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Living a Dream

Yesterday was my amazing husband's birthday and he took the day off, not to lay around the house and be waited on, but to cheer me on and keep me calm before a TV interview and then to take our entire family on an eight hour round-trip journey for me to speak to an amazing high school book club~ the Stomping Stangs book club at S. Effingham High School.

They were AWESOME! I loved every minute of my time with the teachers and students. My kiddos and husband did too.

Other than having my family with me when I speak, one of my favorite parts of the writing life is encouraging people and challenging them to live their dreams. I love talking to teenagers especially because they ask far tougher questions and challenge me to go deep. So I started off my time at SEHS with a little talk about living a dream.

In practice, it was about a five minute speech. But it took about thirty because this group interacted with my questions and gave some amazing answers. Here's a snippet of the talk:

There are tons of people in this world who want to be famous. In fact, we’re a culture of celebrity stalkers and American Idol followers. But the sad fact is it’s tough to live a dream. Even harder to stay the course 'till achieving that dream.

If you’re going to be one of those who gives their all and sticks it out, there are a few things to take with you on the journey.

Living a dream takes passion. Not just the “I want to be famous” hope but something deep down inside that burns hot and spurs you on to keep at it. Know what you love and do it with everything you are.

Living a dream also takes hard work and sacrifice. It means giving up something you want for something you want even more.

Living a dream also takes a community. My writing mentor says two things that stick with me in everything I do. First, she said to bleed into your work. Give all you are to the work, be honest and pour yourself out. People will be inspired by that.

Second, she said to pull someone else up. I didn’t get to live my dream without a number of folks standing with me, encouraging me, and helping me keep going. So I need to turn around and help someone else on their journey.

You can achieve your dreams and leave a mark on this world for good. Each one of you has special gifts and talents that are unique to you, gifts and talents this world needs. So go after your dream, but go into it prepared.

Do something you have a passion for. Be willing to work hard. And don’t go it alone.

My challenge to the students and teachers who were there and also to the rest of you who weren't... what's your heart's message and how do you share it with the world around you?

Like the amazing students I spoke with yesterday, you too have gifts and talents our world needs. How will you share the passion Christ put in you with others?

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Honey!

Today is my amazing hubby's birthday! So in honor of his big day, I want to share a little about him...

This is the guy who teamed up with God and shoved me into the writing world. There are days I love him for this and days I don't.

David is the amazing and gifted web designer behind the Dark Chocolate Suspense website, my blog, and just about everything I'm part of online. He's so totally cool! And longsuffering. Just ask him. :-)

David not only works full time and owns his own website business, he helps homeschool our girls. They and the world will be glad he's their math teacher.

David has always taken off work or worked from home so that I could teach, go to conferences, or other writing things. And he's done it with a smile and many prayers.

This amazing guy is also rising to a new level of servanthood... giving up his birthday to take me to a TV interview and to speak to an incredible group of high schoolers. He says it's more family time. I say he's a candidate for sainthood.

He's also the one who prays over our girls every night. And the one I run to when I need someone to pray with too.

He's become an amazing listener. With a house full of girls, he sort of had to or go crazy. KWIM?

David makes us all laugh and reminds us that laughter is good medicine.

He brightens our home with flowers just because.

He still sends me weird and goofy cards that make me laugh out loud like he did when we were dating.

He watches chick flicks even when I put four straight on our queue because he made me sit through the entire Batman Begins movie.

He reads everything I've ever written and thinks it's amazing even when I know it's not. He's finally admitting that a little more and helping me fix it up.

All that great stuff inside and he's a hunk on the outside too. :-)

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY!!! You are loved to infinity and beyond!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ruby's Slippers

I'd like to share about another favorite lady, author Leanna Ellis, and her new release, Ruby's Slippers. I met Leanna at an ACFW writer's conference and found a kindred spirit and a wonderful friend.

And not only do you get to see her beautiful cover and a story blurb, you all also get to read her first chapter~ enjoy!

Wizard of Oz meets Cinderella in Ruby’s Slippers, a novel by Leanna Ellis

When Dottie Meyers loses her ‘no place like home’ during a Kansas tornado, she wakes up to find a pair of ruby slippers left by her father who abandoned his family thirty years ago. With her sister hot on her trail to find the treasured ruby slippers, Dottie travels a yellow brick road with three friends to find her father. No wizard can solve her problems. Only the love of a heavenly father can heal her wounds and give her the desires of her heart.

There’s no place like … the heart for God’s healing touch.

Winner of the National Readers’ Choice Award and Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart Award, Leanna Ellis writes women’s fiction for B&H Publishing. Visit her website at

Ruby’s Slippers
Leanna Ellis

“There’s no place like home.”
Dorothy The Wizard of Oz

Chapter One

Some people wish on candles, others on stars. When I was a girl, nose pressed against the passenger window of our Vista Cruiser, I watched truckloads of hay bales rumbling down the highway near our Kansas farm. Weather-beaten farmers driving thirty miles an hour (or slower), traffic piling up a mile behind them. Momma would ease the station wagon into the left lane to pass the snaking line and say, “Make a wish, girls, and don’t look back.”

My younger sister, Abby, always made a production out of her wishes. She squeezed her eyes closed, pursed her lips toward heaven, and proclaimed to all who were within hearing, “I’m gonna . . .” She leaned forward, her hand on Mama’s shoulder. “Can I wish on every hay bale?”
“Why not?” Mama shook her head with bewilderment as if my sister was a novelty act in the circus. To me, she was.

Puckering up again, Abby rattled off her litany of wishes. “I’m gonna be famous! I’m gonna be on the big screen! I’m gonna fly around the world.”

Like any good big sister, I rolled my eyes and let out a long, loud huff of irritation. Looking back on it now, I realize I was jealous that Abby knew what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to throw her dreams out there for all the world to see.

Cynical, even at age nine, I never wished on candles, stars, or hay bales. Maybe I’ve always been looking back rather than forward. Nowadays, I’ve become a moderately healthy realist at age thirty-five. But sometimes, in the dark of a lonely night, I do imagine wishes coming true.

Otto’s barking first signals something amiss on this damp, overcast afternoon. He’s my loyal, scruffy black dog, not more than ten or twelve pounds soaking wet. He follows me everywhere and will defend me if so much as a crow flies too near. Crouched on my knees in the garden, holding a prickly weed, I watch a strange sedan clip along the forlorn drive at an unsafe pace and feel a catch in my chest.

Squinting against the afternoon glare, I shield my eyes and push to my feet. Hope overrides any childhood cynicism. I decided long ago to hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

Ever since I was small, I’ve kept watch on the drive to our small Kansas farm. “Momma,” I would shout, “somebody’s comin’!” She would stop whatever chore was occupying her—folding laundry, drying dishes, balancing the checkbook—and we’d stand on the porch, my hand in hers, tracking the approaching vehicle. “Do you think it’s—”

“No, Dottie.” Momma named the truck as some neighbor’s. “Don’t say anything to Abby, all right?”

Ever the protective big sister, I nodded, keeping my disappointment to myself. My little sister by two years tended to be more emotional than Momma and me.

Momma never acted sad, and I took my cue from her. But she never hesitated when I called out again, “Visitors!” Hope would crest, soon to be dashed by disappointment. Still, even after all these years, when Momma is no longer here to stand beside me, there’s that smidgen of hope at the sight of a strange vehicle coming up the drive.

Rolling my shoulder forward, I swipe my face with my sleeve, wiping away bits of dirt and sweat, and blink at the pale-gray four-door as it stirs up a whirlwind of dust in its wake. None of my neighbors drive this type of car. Craig Hanson, my lawyer and friend, drives a conservative dark-blue 4-Runner. Rhonda Cox, the preacher’s wife, drives a white Expedition to haul her three children along with Pampered Chef wares to parties in the adjoining counties. Homer Davies, from the feed store, drives a battered and weary Chevy truck he’s had since the seventies. Most come to drop off donations for the annual Easter egg hunt I’m organizing again this year, or if their kid needs help with math, or if they’re in need of a third on yet another church committee.

The darkened windows of the strange sedan veil the driver’s identity as it comes to a screeching halt in front of my house. I dust my hands off on the back of my overalls. My muddy Crocs leave a depression in the soft earth. Otto prances around me, yipping and barking. “Easy now. Let’s go see who it is.” I lift Otto over a chicken- wire fence I strung up last summer to keep out a family of rabbits that had been nibbling on my beets and sugar snap peas. The sedan hasn’t moved. No door opens. No window slides downward. Is the driver lost or confused? Reconsidering? My footsteps quicken.

The driver’s door swings open and a tall, shapely woman in a form-fitting white dress emerges. I keep my head upright as Momma always did, my footsteps steady. This woman is definitely lost, like she’s looking for the pages of a Vogue magazine to crawl into. She has long black hair and dark sunglasses that make her eyes as big as a grasshopper’s. It isn’t until she swings her hair over her shoulder in a familiar way that recognition causes a whoosh of air to escape me.
“Abby!” I holler.

She turns, raises her sunglasses to the top of her head and spots me. “Come on, boy!” I slap the side of my leg. “Abby’s home!”

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tour De Force

Beth White is one of my all-time favorite people! She's also one of the driving forces behind my ever becoming an author.

Beth was the first author I got up the courage to email. And when she emailed me back, she also pointed me toward ACFW and truly cared about my heart. What started as a casual fan/ author email became a friendship I treasure.

And so it's with great joy that I introduce you to Beth and her newest book Tour De Force! Enjoy!

TOUR DE FORCE: A Love Story by Elizabeth White
May 2009, Zondervan

A Passion for Dance

Gilly Kincade is a rising star on the New York ballet scene. Dancing is her life's passion, second only to her love for Jesus, and she believes her faith sets her apart--but hasn't held her back. Chosen for a plum role in a new ballet choreographed for her, it seems the sky's the limit. Then she meets Jacob Ferrar....

A Passion for God

Jacob Ferrar has left behind the glittering temptations of stardom in New York ballet. He has established a reputation as a brilliant, innovative artistic director of a regional dance company in Alabama, with a vision for choreography that glorifies God and encourages the audience. In fact, he's certain nothing could make him go back....

Becomes Love's Tour de Force

When Jacob offers Gilly the lead in his original Easter ballet, she begins to reevaluate what she's willing to sacrifice for dance. And he sees exciting potential of shining light on the world's dark stage. But their brilliant first performance is destroyed by a terrible accident, and Gilly and Jacob find themselves facing an uncertain future. Together, they dance the fine line between personal vision and God's will, listening for the beat of the Father's heart.

Romantic Times BookClub says:
“White takes readers behind the scenes into the competitive dance world. It's refreshing that Gillian befriends and respects people living different lifestyles while still boldly living out her faith.” (4 stars)

Elizabeth White invites readers to meet her on the Web at

You can buy Tour de Force at your favorite Christian bookstore or at Amazon~ Tour De Force , CBD~ Tour De Force , or Lifeway~ Tour De Force.

An interview with Beth about Tour de Force:

Q: What inspired you to write a novel about ballet dancers?

A: Too much cold medicine? JUST KIDDING! Actually, Gillian Kincade was a character in last year’s Off the Record.. As the off-beat teenage sister of Judge Laurel Kincade, Gilly took on such a distinct personality (as characters often do) that she demanded a story of her own. Readers have written to ask if she follows through with her crush on musical heartthrob Tucker McGaughan…To be blunt, no. Too easy. But rest assured, Tucker makes his appearance in Tour de Force.

Q: So were you ever a dancer yourself?

A: If you could see the bruises on my knees just from trying to make it across the Wendy’s parking lot, you wouldn’t ask that question. But since you did…I once took tap, jazz and rudimentary ballet as a child. I learned just enough to pick up elements of the dance language. Everything I know about professional ballet has come from interviewing and observing real dancers, notably the exquisite Kathryn Morgan of New York City Ballet and Kathy Thibodeaux of Ballet Magnificat! in Jackson, Mississippi.

Q: What spiritual take-away is involved in a story about dancers?

A: I was interested in exploring challenges to Christian artists in general. The Scripture I kept coming back to is Luke 12:48: “From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” Debates have gone on for decades (probably centuries, for all I know) regarding Christian art. For example, C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien, the story goes, discussed whether the world needs more “Christian writers” or “writers who are Christian.” The only way I knew how to tackle the subject was to create characters who must face those questions, take a stand, and either live for God—or not.

It’s my belief that flawed people are more interesting than perfect ones. They’re also more real. Though Gilly and Jacob aren’t “real” in the obvious sense, they do struggle to cope with universal issues. How much overt “witnessing” should a Christian performer or teacher do? What’s the line of grace between acceptance (“tolerance”) of the lifestyle choices of non-believing friends and sticking up for morality and truth? How should we respond when God seems to pull the rug out from under our dreams and desires? Are Christians allowed to feel disappointed?

My job as a novelist is not to preach the answers to those questions, but to draw pictures of possibilities and to point readers back to God’s Word—the only place to find answers. If I succeed in making readers think and pray, then I’m happy.

Q: This book has a subtitle, “A Love Story.” Is there significance to that?

A: Well, I’ve always considered myself a romance writer, but this one is truly focused on the development of relationships—not just between the hero and heroine.. Tour de Force explores friendship, family love, and God’s love. It was a very satisfying book to write. I hope readers will like it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My third book baby is here!

Celebrate with me! My third book, Enduring Justice, is launching out into the world today, and like any proud mama, I just had to share.

I'd so appreciate your prayers that this story would touch many lives and strengthen hearts to hear the truth that healing is a choice. One that we can make and don't walk through alone.

Enduring Justice

Secrets Can’t Last Forever


Hanna Kessler’s childhood secret has remained buried for over two decades. But when the dark shadows of her past threaten to destroy those she loves, Hanna must face the summer that changed her life and the man who still haunts her memories.


As a Crimes Against Children FBI Agent, Michael Parker knows what it means to get knocked down. Difficult cases and broken relationships have plagued his entire year. But when the system fails and a white supremacist is set free, Michael’s drive for retribution eclipses all else.


A racist's well-planned assault forces Hanna and Michael to decide between executing vengeance and pursuing justice. The dividing line is the choice to heal. But when the attack turns personal, is justice enough?

Want to read more? Read the first two chapters of Enduring Justice in a very cool book reader format on the web:

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Awe

Happy Easter everyone! He is risen!

He is risen indeed.

Yesterday, my family took our first ever family hike. David and I used to hike, but with little ones it had been too hard to get back into it. Finally our youngest can handle a mile on her own, so we took off for the mountains.

We hiked to a gorgeous waterfall and that's where I found the essence of Easter for me...

Standing in awe.

I've often imagined what it could have been like to stand in awe at the empty tomb. To see death defeated and the grave opened. To see the angels and be like Mary and see Jesus. I wouldn’t have wanted to let go of Him either.

Yesterday, I just stood in awe at the Creator of such beauty. I felt His joy in the spray of cold water, heard the roar of his power in the waterfalls and was filled.

Whatever makes you stand in awe... I pray you will today. And take that awe with you wherever you go.

He is risen indeed!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Going where I've never gone before

On April 23rd, I'll be doing something I've never done before... speaking to an amazing group of folks at South Effingham High School.

The Stomping Stangs Book Club has invited me to come speak to them and I'm sooooooo excited! I love talking with teens and sharing my love of writing.

I've been emailing with Jacquelyn and Mrs. Olivier (hi you two!) and they've been incredible! They've done an awesome display and even contacted the local paper about doing a story on my visit.

Plus they're doing a research project on me... I'm not sure if I should feel old like Lincoln or something. ;-) I don't really. Just honored by their enthusiasm.

For part of what I want to share, I'm taking my outlines for Healing Promises and one (of four) huge research folders as a visual and a look at what goes into publishing a book from concept to completion.

I'd really appreciate your prayers for a great visit and that those attending would be inspired and encouraged.

I've already been cheered by their invite and challenged as I looked back over a fraction of the work that went into Healing Promises.

It's good to look back and see what God has done. And then to look ahead and be excited about what's next.

So here's a special thanks to the Stomping Stangs Book Club! You all are awesome, and I'm looking forward to spending some time with you in just a few weeks!

Stomping Stangs Book Club members: Jacquelyn and Victoria, Mrs. Olivier, Mr. Pearce and Mrs. Edmonds, English teacher co-sponsors.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Treasure Principle

I have a special Easter giveaway for you all!

If you're like me and one of the ten or so folks who haven't already read Randy Alcorn's The Treasure Principle, leave me a note in the comments and I'll make sure at least one of you has one. ;-)

If you're not familiar with The Treasure Principle, read on...

The Treasure Principle

Flip-Flop Your Concept of Giving!

Bestselling author Randy Alcorn introduced readers to a revolution in material freedom and radical generosity with the release of the original The Treasure Principle in 2001.

Now the revision to the compact, perennial bestseller includes a provocative new concluding chapter depicting God asking a believer questions about his stewardship over material resources.

Readers are moved from the realms of thoughtful Bible exposition into the highly personal arena of everyday life. Because when Jesus told His followers to “lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven,” He intended that they discover an astounding secret: how joyful giving brings God maximum glory and His children maximum pleasure. Discover a joy more precious than gold!

Story Behind the Book:

After years of writing and teaching on the theme “God owns everything,” in 1990 Randy Alcorn was sued by an abortion clinic (for peaceful, nonviolent intervention for the unborn). Suddenly he had to resign as a pastor and was restricted to making minimum wage. Legally unable to own anything, Randy gave all his book royalties to missions work and need-meeting ministries. He and his family have experienced the reality of The Treasure Principle—that God really does own everything, takes care of us, and graciously puts assets into our hands that we might have the joy and privilege of investing in what will last for eternity.

Author bio:

Randy Alcorn is the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries (EPM). Prior to 1990, when he started EPM, he served as a pastor for fourteen years. He has spoken around the world and has taught on the adjunct faculties of Multnomah Bible College and Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon. Randy is the best-selling author of twenty-seven books (over three million in print), including the novels Deadline, Dominion, and Deception as well as Lord Foulgrin’s Letters, the Gold Medallion winner Safely Home, and Wait Until Then.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fools?

This morning my oldest shared a devotion she'd read earlier today. Nothing new about that. But God used it to spark an idea worth sharing.

First, the devotion talked about a brother and sister telling each other good news things like, "You made the band solo!" And then saying, "April Fools."

My daughter thought that was funny.

I did not.

Why? Because words have power. Paired with hope and encouragement, words can strengthen our souls and brighten our days. But paired with expectations and then used to deflate, words do more than sting. They cut.

Think back to middle school. High school. Remember any words that stuck like glue even when the silly rhyme said they didn't? (I’m rubber, you’re glue. It bounces off me and sticks to you.)

I do.

Words like fatso and four-eyes.

Even as an adult, especially as a writer, words can cut like a sword. I remember one reviewer, a librarian, who not only used words carelessly, she must not have considered their venom at all.

She said in a nutshell that my books were reminiscent of Karen Kingsbury, only, "Karen's books have much more genuine emotion and are much better written."


I've heard from teachers, writers, and folks from many walks of life how someone's careless words wounded them.

Words that take a person's dreams and stomp on them are words that should never be said.

Now before you think I'm saying we should all talk like Pollyanna, I'm not. I've had reviewers and also close friends who have pointed out places where I was weak and yet their words didn't wound... they helped me grow.

Those words, though sometimes hard to hear, are worth speaking. They might sting, but they also show love and care. They can help us and lead to healing.

All that to say, let's not be fooled today or any day. Words matter.

Choose them wisely.

Pearl Girls

One of the coolest things about the writing life is meeting amazing folks who use words to touch hearts.

One of those folks is a familiar name and face with Christian Women Online, Book Buzz book reviewer, Laurel Wreath.

She had a huge announcement on her website recently. Check our her good news here.

I'm going to spill a little here because I'm thrilled for her and want to help her spread the word about a new devotional called Pearl Girls: Encountering Grit, Experiencing Grace.

Doesn't that sound amazing?!

Here's more...

Pearl Girls: Encountering Grit, Experiencing Grace $9.55

100% of this book proceedes go to charity. So no guilt in spending some hard-earned book money on this treasure.

After experiencing the death of both parents, Margaret McSweeney recognized the importance of community like never before. Through these difficult times in life, she learned how God uses gritty circumstances to conform us to the stunning image of Christ.

McSweeney also realized that she was not at all alone. It is for this reason that she decided to compile essays into an inspiring book: Pearl Girls: Encountering Grit Experiencing Grace.

Through this collection, readers will be encouraged by the heartfelt writings that deal with loss and hardship in a real and honest way. Respected authors such as Robin Jones Gunn , Melody Carlson, Debbie Macomber, Shaunti Feldhahn and others help remind every woman that they are not alone and that no circumstance is beyond the grace of God.

McSweeney uses the metaphor of a pearl in order to better describe the situations that ail us all. When an oyster takes in a piece of sand in order to create its coveted masterpiece, it is initially painful to the soft flesh of the creature. But after the pain, appears a clean, white symbol of simplicity, purity, and endurance that any woman would be proud to wear. McSweeney believes that each woman is a pearl and together, form a necklace of great worth. In this book, readers will discover community and encouragement: women are alone in neither their pain nor victories in life.

Sounds like a perfect Easter gift for yourself or a special friend or family member.

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