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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Awe

Happy Easter everyone! He is risen!

He is risen indeed.

Yesterday, my family took our first ever family hike. David and I used to hike, but with little ones it had been too hard to get back into it. Finally our youngest can handle a mile on her own, so we took off for the mountains.

We hiked to a gorgeous waterfall and that's where I found the essence of Easter for me...

Standing in awe.

I've often imagined what it could have been like to stand in awe at the empty tomb. To see death defeated and the grave opened. To see the angels and be like Mary and see Jesus. I wouldn’t have wanted to let go of Him either.

Yesterday, I just stood in awe at the Creator of such beauty. I felt His joy in the spray of cold water, heard the roar of his power in the waterfalls and was filled.

Whatever makes you stand in awe... I pray you will today. And take that awe with you wherever you go.

He is risen indeed!


Edna said...

He is indeed risen and we praise His Holy Name. JESUS, that is a name I love to hear and to say I am a Child of the King, asked Him into my heart and He has been with me for a long time.
I would like to be entered into a contest to win one of your books if you have one going on,
May God bless


Amy Wallace said...

Thanks so much for posting, Edna, and sharing a little of your story!

I'll be choosing a Dark Chocolate Suspense newsletter member as a winner of Enduring Justice and some other goodies at the end of April. If you're not a member, I'd love to have you be a part! Here's the link:

BFine said...

Greetings from BFine from Shoutlife!

Loved your book Amy ---
I signed up for your newsletter last year, so I'm already a chocoholic lol!

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