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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Honey!

Today is my amazing hubby's birthday! So in honor of his big day, I want to share a little about him...

This is the guy who teamed up with God and shoved me into the writing world. There are days I love him for this and days I don't.

David is the amazing and gifted web designer behind the Dark Chocolate Suspense website, my blog, and just about everything I'm part of online. He's so totally cool! And longsuffering. Just ask him. :-)

David not only works full time and owns his own website business, he helps homeschool our girls. They and the world will be glad he's their math teacher.

David has always taken off work or worked from home so that I could teach, go to conferences, or other writing things. And he's done it with a smile and many prayers.

This amazing guy is also rising to a new level of servanthood... giving up his birthday to take me to a TV interview and to speak to an incredible group of high schoolers. He says it's more family time. I say he's a candidate for sainthood.

He's also the one who prays over our girls every night. And the one I run to when I need someone to pray with too.

He's become an amazing listener. With a house full of girls, he sort of had to or go crazy. KWIM?

David makes us all laugh and reminds us that laughter is good medicine.

He brightens our home with flowers just because.

He still sends me weird and goofy cards that make me laugh out loud like he did when we were dating.

He watches chick flicks even when I put four straight on our queue because he made me sit through the entire Batman Begins movie.

He reads everything I've ever written and thinks it's amazing even when I know it's not. He's finally admitting that a little more and helping me fix it up.

All that great stuff inside and he's a hunk on the outside too. :-)

So HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY!!! You are loved to infinity and beyond!

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