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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Time to Weep

January was a difficult month. There were many deaths in my church and homeschool group as well as the anniversary of my Gram's death.

Grief is such a strange thing.

My Gram died in 1999, but there are still days I've gone to the phone and started dialing her number to retell some exciting kid-related event or book news.

My pastor shared the following story in our church newsletter. I pray it encourages you like it has my family as we walk through a time of weeping with those who weep.

The New Doll

A little girl had gone to play with a neighbor who had a new porcelain doll. The girl was late coming home, and her mother was quite disturbed when her daughter finally arrived.

She asked her daughter why she was so late. The little girl replied that her friend had dropped her new doll on the sidewalk.

The mother said, "Oh, so you were helping her pick up the pieces?"

"No, Mom," the little girl replied. "I was helping her cry."


Unknown said...

Oh wow. That's a great reminder that "picking up the pieces" can only come after a time of intense grieving.

Thanks for sharing this.

And congrats on Ransomed Hearts being in Dutch! How exciting to know it's that far-reaching! I remember Deb Raney, at a conference last year, showing us her various book covers for Vow to Cherish in other languages! What fun for you guys!

Mary at HSH

Amy Wallace said...

Thanks so much for sharing that insight, Mary!

And thanks for celebrating with me about Ransomed Dreams being in Dutch. This journey is so much more fun shared with friends. ;-)

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