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Friday, May 11, 2007

What am I?

Okay, I need your help here folks...

Today's interview at Scrambled Dregs is my last hurrah for the Ransomed Dreams CFBA blog tour and it's a doozy. I laughed most of the way through it and then got serious with the very last question.

Please come join the fun and answer two questions for me...

One of Kelly's questions asks: Describe something you can see, hear, taste or feel without telling us what the item is. Can you guess what it is???

Second thing is after you read the creative corner section, please leave me a note and let me know what you think of the very last story scene. Is it worthy of being a novel?

And here's the bonus question: After reading this interview, can you help me answer the question "Who am I?" as a writer?

I'm looking forward to your answers!


Lori said...

Describe something you can see, hear, taste or feel without telling us what the item is. Can you guess what it is???

Ok the first thing that came to mind was a dryer cloth (hehehe) but to be honest I have not idea how it TASTES so that can not be it. =)) So I am going for the Beach.

Concerning the last story scene, I think you have a powerful story if you cover the question "If Only" so many people live their lives in regret. Gracie could have really gone down the path of "if only" because she was not in the car or did not catch up to them quick enough, but instead it was forgiveness she struggled with. So if you have a character that struggles with "if only" it could be powerful. I know personally I could give an "if only" list of my life, but I have come to realize God has planned for when I messed up or chose a different path, in the end something yucky was used to bring Glory to God.

Who Am I" as a writer (not sure what you are looking for here but this is what came to mind). A writer who is using her God given gift of writing to further the kingdom of God. Amy is showing people you don't need to have perfect lives, or be perfect yourself for God to use you in a mighty way. (and to that I say Praise God, because he could not use me then, hehehe).

Hey you know if you are ever in the Orlando/Daytona Beach area let me know. I'll buy the coffee =)))

Amy Wallace said...

God is sooo good to have connected us via the blogsphere! You continue to bless my heart and make me laugh with your great posts here and on your blog.

Thanks for taking the who am I? challenge...

You're close on the item, and I'm with you on not knowing how a dryer sheet tastes. ;-)

Thanks so much for your comments about the story scene. God is using your words to help me define this story even more in my heart.

I will definitely let you know when we'll be in the Orlando area. A very dear friend of mine has issued an open invitation to our family to come down there on vacation and we're looking seriously at that for next summer. And if you're buying coffee...I'm there! LOL

Lori said...

Oh only "close" now I am going to have to thump my noggin'.....hmmm. (feeling like Poo when he says "think , think, think..) =)))

Amy Wallace said...

Okay, you're VERY close, so don't thump your thinker too hard. ;-)

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