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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Cocoa Tree

Today we're talking about all things chocolate. My kinda post. ;-) We'll sample some yummy pictures and talk to Bethany with The Cocoa Tree.

I love this quote from Bethany and Jesse's about us page, "At The Cocoa Tree we believe that chocolate is evidence that God delights in our pleasure and longs for us to delight in His Creation with love, laughter and conspicuous consumption."

AMEN! ;-)
Now doesn't this picture tempt your tummy???

Add to it the note on Sampson's Darkest Dark page and you have a recipe for pure enjoyment.

"The health benefits of chocolate are optimized when the percentage of cocoa content is high (dark chocolate). Did you know that dark chocolate is a potent antioxidant? It has also been documented by doctors that dark chocolate reduces high blood pressure. So enjoy this amazing truffle, guilt free, because it is Sampson's - the one that's good for you."

"Two years ago on St. Valentine's day, over dinner in a restaurant in Franklin's quaint historic downtown, Bethany and Jesse, parents of three young children, decided to start a family business they could all pour their hearts into. The result is The Cocoa Tree, which is filling a local niche by offering truffles with "a taste of the South."

What Bethany and Jesse do for a living is a chocoholics dream, and I being a total chocoholic decided to catch up with Bethany for a short interview to learn some more about this wonderful store and the people behind the scrumptious pictures.

Amy: Can you share your favorite part of your work so we can live vicariously through you for a few minutes? ;-)

Bethany: My favorite part of my work is making my own decisions about my time, and being able to make the decision to have my kids with me. I also love pouring 10 lbs of melted chocolate into a big stainless steel bowl. I love tasting my truffles whenever I want. I love scraping the Mexican chocolate chip cookie dough out of the bottom of the 20 quart mixing bowl and scooping it into my mouth. I love talking to my employees about love and life. I love seeing the look of my customers’ faces when they bite into a truffle for the first time.

Amy: Is picking a favorite flavor sort of like picking a favorite child, or can you share the truffle that most tempts you to sample your work?

Bethany: My favorite truffle is Tina's Dark Chocolate. It is named for my best friend - appropriately. Its tag line is, "the one you always come back to."

Amy: I've passed the chocoholic gene down to my girls and they'd like to ask a question... If (I'm thinking when!) we come to visit The Cocoa Tree in Franklin, are there any samples out?

Bethany: We usually have samples out, and if we don't - all you have to do is ask! :) We love to give samples of our frozen hot chocolate, our hot chocolate, and any truffle that you want to taste, we will cut in half and let you try it.

Amy: Speaking of samples, can you tell us a little about the many incredible sounding truffles you make and how you formulate your ideas for new treats and truffles?

Bethany: My Southern flavors are what we are famous for, Sofia's Sweet Potato, Rachel's Sweet Tea, Grant's Pecan Pie and Jack and Ginger are all Southern. I come up with the ideas just living out life. I usually am thinking about chocolate, and when I taste a spice or liqueur or even a flower that I think will go well with chocolate, I usually try it out to see if it works.

Amy: Is The Cocoa Tree your dream come true business, or is there something else you all are reaching for in the future?

Bethany: I am actually a songwriter at heart. I am doing chocolate right now because

a) I love it
b) It is what God called me to
c) It is a good fit for my family while they are young

I hope to be able to continue my songwriting career sometime in the future -but I am content to follow where the Lord leads me. :)

Wise words from a delightful lady.
Thanks so much for the interview, Bethany!

As you hop over and take a look at The Cocoa Tree's awesome website and drool over the truffles and other goodies, please remember to say a prayer for Bethany, Jesse and their kiddos. They may have a sweet job, but like all of us longing to live a dream and walking in obedience, this journey is anything but easy.

It's my hope in sharing my dream as well as introducing you all to other believers living the dreams God has for them, that we'll draw closer as the Body of Christ, remember to pray for one another, and cheer one another on toward the more-than-we-can-ask-or-imagine dreams God has for us. And if we get to enjoy a few yummy chocolates in the process, that's all the better!
Dream big, you all, and enjoy God's smile!


Rel said...

The Cocoa Tree looks like another good reason to visit the Northern Hemisphere!!!!

Amy Wallace said...

Yep, yet another good reason for coming to visit us!

Christy LaShea said...

All this chocolate is making me hungry!

And Amy, TAG! You're IT!

You can blame Missy Tippens. She started it!

Check out my blog for the rules and hope you'll play along!

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