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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Praying for the Impossible

Today is the beginning of the Lenten season. This year instead of giving up chocolate (what I used to give up as a teen), we’re adding a 40 Day Prayer Challenge book by Mark Batterson. (Draw the Circle, The 40 Day Prayer Challenge)

We’re praying for God to use us to do impossible things. One of which is for God to use us and our friends to raise an impossible amount of money for World Vision. 

Here’s some background…

On April 18th, 2013 God asked my three children and me to join Him in an impossible task.  
God placed on our hearts a truly impossible - by human means- goal to raise $14,437 for World Vision for these items below.

To date (March 2014) we have, along with some friends, donated $100 toward a deep well, purchased a mom and baby kit, donated $50 for a share of an orphanage, and 1/2 of a bicycle for a girl. 

Most of this money came from our food budget. We choose to skip treats or purchase less to save money each month to donate to World Vision.

Please join us in praying God will provide and meet these needs! And that God would amaze my children with His provision and His using them to do something so big only God could do it! 

Giving is easy. Just go to

Then choose an item to give and checkout.

Please pray and give and let's together praise God for His marvelous love and provision. 

Mom and baby kit- $77

Bicycle for safe travel for a young girl to school- $85

Oxen and plow- $575

Deep well and pump- $13,700

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