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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Need a Christmas reminder?

As Christmas day draws closer, my tendency is to get caught up in two things:

Getting it "right" for Christmas morning

Thoughts about having to pack up all the Christmas decorations

Both of these things stress me out, make me sad, and don't aid my focus on the real meaning of Christmas.

So earlier today at church, I was praying during the music and asking God for a reminder. I had no idea what form that would take. But as God is so good and gracious, he answered.

We came home early after service and had some time to just hang out by the tree. My kiddos played games and my husband and I dove into books.

I picked up a new-to-me book entitled Holding Heaven. And cried through the entire first half of the story.

Not in a long time has a story so gripped my heart and made me feel.

It was the perfect reminder of Christmas as the story focused on Joseph and his retelling the Christmas story to an infant Jesus.

Tears streamed as I pictured the baby Jesus, not in a manger but in humanity. Crying. Hungry. Cared for by two inadequate humans who beheld and held the Holy One.

Words are inadequate to relate the wonder of that reality. Divinity wrapped in humanity. A baby held by human hands He created.

Immanuel. God with us.

There's something awe-some about that.

As Christmas rushes nearer, I pray you'll join me by a tree or under a star-lit sky and picture Christmas through heaven's eyes.

A baby.

Humanity holding heaven so we could see Him too.

Behold Him. And hold Him. He is near.

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