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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Still recovering

September is a month filled with lots of things I love. We start school, which we all enjoy... most days. And by this time I'm usually done with major edits and I'm off dreaming and researching the next story.

September also marks a writer's conference I've only missed once since its beginning. That would be the ACFW conference, this year in the beautiful state of Minnesota.

I was doubly blessed by getting to stay with a dear friend and visit with many other wonderful friends. I even broke out of my usual introvertedness and made a few new friends.

Over a hundred authors signed at the Mall of America... a truly massive place, filled with stores I never even noticed. Besides not being a huge shopper, I was more into getting to know the wonderful authors around me and meeting the folks who stopped by to say hello.

The picture to the right is of my beautiful friend, Kristian, and her two week old daughter. I've been praying for the family for months and to see this little miracle baby was such a joy. I got to meet Daddy George too and that was great. Makes me think about what heaven will be like when we get to see all the wonderful people we've prayed for over the years.

In addition to the friends and book signing, there were amazing classes and workshops as well as an awards ceremony where the highlight of the evening was cheering for my amazing and talented friend, Sharon Hinck. She won first place in the Speculative Fiction category. Way to go!!!

Also got a great picture with my agent, Chip MacGregor. Check out the kilt... my kids and family totally dig it. My brother-in-law also wears a kilt and competes in the Scottish games. Me? I'm the lone Irishwoman with a Scottish name. But maybe if my hubby ever dons the Wallace plaid, I'll be converted.

Another memory of this year's conference was being reminded that while it's awesome there were people who knew my name, have read my books and call me friend, God was there quietly cheering and whispering that He sees me, knows everything about me and loves me still. When my flesh fought not to envy or complain, God saw that too and put people in front of me to turn my focus back to Him.

I'm grateful for so much incredible teaching, God moments, and grace-filled memories.

Still tired. :-)

And forever challenged to keep seeking Him. He always answers in the perfect time and way.


Rel said...

Great pics, Amy and so glad you had a lovely time. How I would have loved to have been there with you :)


Love2beMom said...

Conference definitely holds a lot of "God moments" and is something I've grown to look forward to all year long. I'm so glad you got to meet George and Adrianna. Maybe someday you'll get to meet my sons as well, and I'll get to meet your family. Hopefully next year we can spend a little more time together.

Hope you know how much I appreciate your friendship and prayers. I know God has given you such an incredible gift (not only in your writing, but in the person and friend that you are) and will continue to bless you so you may continue to share His message in the beautiful way you do.

Amy Wallace said...


I would have loved to have you there! So would the other ACFW folks who adore you too.

Amy Wallace said...

I'm thrilled to have met George and your miracle Adrianna. What an answer to prayer.

The appreciation goes both ways. I'm so thankful for your friendship and look forward to spending more time together at the next conference, Lord willing.

Thank you for your beautiful note of encouragement. From a dear friend, those words are an amazing gift to my heart. Thank you!

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