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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Two posts in one day, surprised? ;-)

My recent posts have been pretty melancholy and it’s starting to bug me. While I blog in large part to make sense of my world, I wonder sometimes how I would answer the question posed in our devotions this morning: “Where is the joy?”

The prayer God has put on my heart recently as I’ve thought about Easter is simple: “Teach my heart to remember, God.”

So today, I’m remembering some things that bring me joy. I hope you’ll join me with your joy list too.

Things that make my heart giggle:

A husband who fears not for his life when he says I’m beautiful right after I step off the scale scowling.

Three little girls who attack me with hugs every time they haven’t seen me for more than a few minutes.

A best friend who’s idea of cheering me up is to tell me that in twenty years I’ll wish I looked like I do today.

Remembering how I danced in the 80’s.

Remembering how all the people around me danced too~ especially my friends who studied the movie Dirty Dancing in preparation for prom. Suffice it to say we needed years of more practice

Pictures of a platypus. Proof that God really does have a sense of humor.

Singing “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” I imagine listening to me sing this would make you giggle too.

Talking back to the exercise video about how much fun I’m not having. This makes my husband laugh out loud. Or maybe he’s laughing at my lack of aerobic coordination. Doubt he’d own up to that one.

Listening to my girls make up knock-knock jokes.

Dancing around the playroom with my girls to Steve Green’s “A Cheerful Heart is Good Medicine” and trying hard to sing the “ha ha ha ha” part without dissolving into giggles.

What about you? What are some things that make you laugh out loud?


Rel said...

Hey - no picking on our wonderful platypus - hehehehe!!!! I ccan show you the real thing if you come and visit!

WK said...

LOL, well let's see. My kids hugging everytime they've been apart for more than 2 minutes.(You'd think they hadn't seen each other in days).
humm, my husband making me laugh even when I'm mad at him.
My kids when they say "you are so prutty moma".

I'm sure I could think of more. I'll have to do a post about my own "joys" tomorrow.

Thanks for reminding me to look for them afterall each day is a joy just to wake up. Ever watched a puppy awaken to the day? They are as excited as my kids by the idea that it's another day. That is a joy to see, even as I grumble that moma is still tired, afterall it's only 6am, even if the sun is starting to come up and there's a hint of light showing.LOL


Amy Wallace said...


I'm really not picking on your platypus! I think he's adorable. I just think he's a funny critter too. ;-) You know, the more you ask about me visiting Down Under, the more I want to do it! Someday, my friend, someday.

Amy Wallace said...


Thanks so much for your post! I love how kids tell us mamas we're "prutty" and mean it. ;-)

I'm looking forward to reading your joy list!

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