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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Holding a Dream

While this isn't the most beautiful baby picture in the world, I'm a proud "mama" and the contents of that box hold my newest "baby."

My first book. Ransomed Dreams.


And wow, does it feel weird! LOL My first reaction was shock "Are those REALLY my books?" followed closely by a quivering stomach that signals a war being waged in my innards.

At least I didn't throw up. And aren't you glad? ;-)

I did feel a ton of emotions: joy, amazement, praise, fear and trembling, awe, disbelief, fear, pride, did I mention fear???

Why fear?

Because now that my baby's being shown to the whole world, people could say it's ugly.

No one has. Yet. In fact, the reviews I've seen are downright awesome. But I think even more than fear over my baby being ugly is the fear that I misrepresented something or didn't say clearly the message the Lord put on my heart.

Maybe it's because my book, while it's in my hands physically, is now out of my hands in every other way.

Then again, it always was. From the seed of an idea God planted through a dream to all the mountains and valleys I've been through in the process of bringing this book to life, this book was God's.

His ideas.

His heart.

Even my blood, sweat, and tears were given to me by God to pour out as praise to Him as I typed and typed and typed.

And praise Him I will. He has done amazing things and I have an inkling He's not finished with me yet.

Just like He's not finished with you.

We are not yet what we will be and yet we are far more than we ever imagined.

God's dreams for you are amazing. It's my prayer you'll experience them, hold them, and praise Him for how totally indescribable He is.

It's an awesome thing to hold a dream in your hands.

Even more to share a smile with the Maker of dreams as you take hold of that for which He created you.


Rel said...

Hey Amy - how exciting :):):) You already know what I think of the message in the book! No need for fear, just joy my friend!

Looks much better than a galley copy, don't you think?!

Women of Worth said...

Amy, I am so thrilled for you...WITH you! Seeing "The Journey" make it's way to Ransomed Dreams has been such a pleasure for me! This is a great time for Crit Group 13!!!

Cheryl Klarich said...

"Just like He's not finished with you." Thank you. I needed to hear that.
God bless you and big congratulations.

Sally Datria said...

WOW!!! YEHHAAAHHAAA!! How TOTALLY exciting!!! I am SO THRILLED for you!!

I CANNOT WAIT to see it!!! (and read it! LOL!)


Laurie said...

I'm celebrating with you!!!! Wooo hooo!!!!! Can't wait to read it (and buy it as a gift for some family and friends!!)

Praising the Lord with you,


Cherie said...

congrats! How exciting! What a blessing! So happy for you! It is amazing I will bet to see the finished product.

Cherie Japp

Tricia Goyer said...

Congrats!!! Yeah! I think you're baby is BEAUTIFUL ... and I'm not just saying that!

Amy Wallace said...


Thanks so much for the reminder of your review! I'm glad you liked the book and share in my joy of finally holding it in my hands. ;-)

Amy Wallace said...


Crit Group 13 still ROCKS!!! ;-)

I'm so glad you can celebrate this WITH me since it's because of you and Jen this book ever made it into an agent's hands and on to Multnomah. THANK YOU!

I can't wait to hear what you think of the new story!

Amy Wallace said...


Thanks so much for posting! I'm SO GLAD that God spoke to you with the line about Him not being finished. It's true! He has a great and awesome purpose for each one of His children and no matter where we are today, He's with us and continues His work.

Thanks for the congrats too. I really appreciate them!


Amy Wallace said...


Thanks! ;-) I'm looking forward to hearing what you think since you've seen and enjoyed the original.

Glad you're celebrating with me! I so hope you'll be able to in person at the launch on April 28th!!! I'm PRAYING!!!


Amy Wallace said...


It's so much fun to celebrate with friends! Thanks for praising the Lord with me too.

Amy Wallace said...


Thanks so much for the congrats and joining in the cyber-celebration! Even more amazing than seeing the finished product is getting to share the news with friends and cyber-pals here.

Amy Wallace said...


I KNOW you're not just saying my baby's beautiful, and I'm very thankful! Your words in the front of the book are a huge encouragement. And now I get to read them over and over. :-) Especially on those hard days.

Thank you!

Carla said...


I'm sooo excited for you. I can't wait to read it!

CeeCee said...

God is amazing! I can't wait to read the book. I've been interested since reading about it on RELZ REVIEWS:) It should be on the way soon through CBD.

Continued blessings!

Rel said...

Amy - how cool is Cee Cee's post!!! Hii Cee Cee :):)

Amy Wallace said...

Hey, CeCe!

I'm so glad you're excited about reading Ransomed Dreams! I look forward to hearing what you think!

And Rel's pretty happy to know you're reading her reviews too. ;-)


Amy Wallace said...


Thanks for posting and for being excited about RD! That sure makes my day. :-)


Jenny said...

I love to hear of new authors and I want to thank my friend Rel for bringing you and "Ransomed Dreams" to my attention. Can't wait to read it, Amy!

Amy Wallace said...

Hey, Jenny!

I'm so glad Rel brought us to your attention and you're excited about reading Ransomed Dreams! Thanks for letting me know too. It helps to hear that there are people out there excited about reading RD. ;-)


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