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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Launching a Dream

At this very moment I'm feeling pretty on top of the world! I just turned in one of two last round edits on my almost ready-to-go debut novel. Boy does that feel great! And my wonderful webmaster hubby has done it again, creating a book series site I'm proud to call mine.

Please come check out the Defenders of Hope website and let me know what you think! Also, if you're a fan of great fiction be sure to check out the newsletter sign up page for your chance to win an amazing grand prize gift pack of 22 top fiction novels, Godiva chocolate, a Starbucks gift card, and some other fun things.

As excited as I am to share all this, I'm praying what people see in all that I do is Jesus. I wrote in the last post about how God is searing my heart with 2 Samuel 24:24~ True worship is costly. These books, this website, living a dream come true have all been costly acts of worship. So much so that many times I've wanted to walk away. Why don't I? At the core it's simple obedience. Writing these books, sharing my heart, and inviting people deeper into Christ are what drive me to keep on taking one more step in this dream journey.

Please pray for me! I'd so appreciate your prayers that in all I do it's Christ who is glorified.

Launching a dream is a frighteningly incredible thing. For me this means giving my all, my best, and then leaving it at the foot of the cross, trusting my Daddy to do with it as He pleases.

Thanks for walking this road with me. You are true gold to this writer's heart.


Bonnie Leon said...

Congratulations, Amy!

Launching a dream can feel like stepping off a cliff. I remember well what it felt like to sign my first book contract. I almost didn't sign; it was just too frightening and I wondered if I was up to what I'd been called to do. Good thing I remembered that God is always up to any challenge.

I strongly relate to what you said about walking away. I've been tempted many times, even though I've published thirteen novels, one a best seller. The journey is difficult and steeped with pain.
But always the Lord leads me back to His will and His provision. When I walk in obedience my life flows with blessings.

I pray He will bless you beyond your imaginings!

With love,

Bonnie Leon

Heather said...

Amy, what a glorious day for you! David, beautiful design on the DOH website.


Edgy Inspirational Author said...

YAY! I can't wait to get my hands on your story!

Dineen A. Miller said...

Hi Amy,
You're site is gorgeous. Your hubby did a fantistic job. Your book sounds fabulous too. Guess I'm going to have to keep my eyeo out for when it releases. Looking forward to reading it!

Anonymous said...

Hey lady! Found you from Rel's site, and I definitely know I'll be back. Nice to meet you! ; ) Enjoy the ride!!

Amy Wallace said...


Launching a dream sure does feel like stepping off a cliff!

Thank you so much for sharing your journey! What an encouragement!!!


Amy Wallace said...

Thanks, Heather! I appreciate your compliments to my hubby. He's basking in a job well done and I'm thrilled to pass along your kind words.

Praying for you, friend!

Amy Wallace said...


Thanks! You're on my list and I hope they'll get the book out to you as soon as possible. I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Ransomed Dreams!


Amy Wallace said...


Thanks for your very kind comments! I'm sure I'll be whooping with joy when Ransomed Dreams arrives. ;-) But in case you don't hear me, I'm sure I'll be posting here about holding this book baby in my hands.

I'm so glad you're looking forward to reading Ransomed Dreams! I'd love to know what you think of it...


Amy Wallace said...

Hey, Donna!

So glad you found me and that you'll be coming back! It's nice meeting you too!


Rel said...

Amy - looks like all the hard work and sacrifice is worth it! Blessings to you :)

Hi Donna :)

Amy Wallace said...

Hey, Rel! Great picture! I'm so glad you're here and I'm praying the Lord returns the blessing you've been to me many times over.


Sally Datria said...

Amy, this is SO incredibly exciting!! I cannot imagine what it might be like!!

Not many people get to experience their dreams!!

Hugs my friend!

Amy Wallace said...

Thanks, Sally! It's so much more fun to celebrate a dream with friends like you! Thanks, too, for your prayers and counsel when I didn't think I'd ever make it to this point.

Much love, friend!

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