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Monday, November 13, 2006

Awesome interview with Rachel Hauck

This is my good friend and a fantastic writer, Rachel Hauck and her new book Lost in NashVegas.

Rachel is a multi-published author living in sunny and sometimes hurricane plagued, central Florida with her husband and ornery pets. She is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a BA in Journalism. Visit her blog and web site at

I REALLY encourage you all to check out Rachel's site. It's fun and full of the depth of character and love for Jesus that radiates from Rachel.

Now we're in for a real treat today...

Besides learning about Rachel's new release Lost in NashVegas We'll be learning a little more about Rachel and some about "the writing life."

Here goes...

Amy: What is Lost in NashVegas first line?

RH: Good question! "How I let Daddy and Granddaddy Lukeman talk me into singing a 'couple' of my songs at the Spring Sing, again, is beyond me."

Amy: What fun things did you do to research Lost in NashVegas?

RH: I went to Nashville, visited the Bluebird Café, talked to songwriters, toured the Country Music Hall of Fame, sang on the steps of the Ryman stage, hung out with my editor and another WestBow staffer, Lisa Young. Very fun. Toured around the city with Rebeca Seitz and Kaye Dacus.

Amy: What prompted you to begin writing?

RH: I always wanted to write. My dad spoke destiny over my from the time I was ten until I published my first book at 43. You’re a writer, Rachel, he would always say.

Amy: Is there such a thing as a “normal” writing day? If so, what does it look like for you?

RH: I’ve been thinking a lot about this and am about to change my schedule so I have a normal writing day. Not every day will work out like I planned, but I believe we need scheduled lives to a high degree (flexibility allowed) but writing and creativity doesn’t happen in a vacuum. I need to be in my office, at my desk, writing. I usually write during the day, but get so interrupted with other busyness. I’d like to get up early and use that quiet time of the day to get writing done.

Amy: What’s the highest praise you could receive for your writing?

RH: I think just hearing people love the story, related to the characters, found some sort of renewed hope.

Amy: Best writing moment?

RH: Making the first sale. Always thrilling.

Amy: Worst writing moment?

RH: Missing my first deadline by 12 days. Yuck.

Amy: Advice for those interested in writing?

RH: Join a writers group like American Christian Fiction Writers or RWA, and read, read, read, then write, write, write, then read some more. Also, schedule time to write and don’t let anything but emergencies get in the way. Learn to say no.

Amy: Favorite scripture and why?

RH: Song of Solomon 4:9. It shows how pure in love Jesus is with us!

Amy: What's one thing about you that no one’s asked, but you wish they would?

RH: “Can we make your book into a Broadway play?”

Here's a blurb from Lost in NashVegas...

Last week, I stocked groceries in Freedom, Alabama. This week, I live in Nashville, Tennessee about to take the stage at the famous Bluebird Café.

Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Only one problem. I’m terrified to sing in front of people.

But after twenty-five years of being ruled by fear, hiding from my dream, I confronted my limited reality and left home. Forget the hometown hunk who wants to make me queen of his doublewide. Forget Momma’s doubt-inspiring tirade. I can make it in Music City… Can’t I?

God put the longing to write songs in my heart. If He’s for me, who can be against me? Not even my own fear can overshadow His love. So, I gathered my old guitar, my notebook full of songs and packed up my ’69 Chevy pickup. Look out NashVegas, the next hit songwriter is coming to town.

With the help of my cousin, and a few new friends, especially handsome contractor, Lee Rivers, my dream finds the light of day. As I face my first night at the Bluebird Café, I realize… I might just do what comes naturally. Look for the nearest exit, and run!

Doesn't that sound awesome?! This is a story for everyone longing to live a dream but not sure how to jump that doubt hurdle and go for it.

Have you ever had a dream burn inside but you weren't sure how to let it come alive? Leave me a note in the comments about your dream. Not only will I pray with you about that dream, but I'll draw a name and send you a copy of Rachel's book Lost in Nashvagas.

I'm looking forward to praying and watching to see what God is up to in your life!


Deborah said...

i've always wanted to go on a mission trip my whole life. I just never had to the money or the time to do it. I really want to have my life changed by going on one. My goal is to do this before I have kids (well have to get married first..heh) so hopefully it'll come true one day.

Rel said... interview Amy :) Dreaming doesn't come easy to me - my practical nature just squashes them right down!!!! would have to be a job working to promote Christian fiction without having to write it - LOL! Oh, can I have two? - that my three beautiful girls grow into women who are even more beautiful on the inside as they walk through this life holding Jesus' hand!

Meg said...

Loved the interview. The book sounds like a fun read, Rachel.

My dream is to find my niche as a writer. Not just to sell books, but to sell the right books to the right editors for the right readers.

Rachel, how cool that your dad spoke that destiny over you. My folks did that for me, too, and it has really given me direction.

Amy Wallace said...


Welcome to the Peek-a-boo ICU! What an awesome dream to have about going on a mission trip. Thanks so much for sharing!

Heavenly Father, You know Deborah's heart and longing to go on a mission trip. We pray that You would provide the finances, time, health, and clear direction as to where and when You have this mission trip planned for Deborah. In Jesus' precious name I pray. Amen

Amy Wallace said...


Thanks for sharing, Rel!

Heavenly Father, I ask that You would plant in Rel's beautiful heart a dream that You have for her, a dream that You will bring to pass in her life. May she and her family be in awe of Your goodness and grace shown to them. Father I ask that You would continue to use Rel in mighty ways to promote Christian fiction, and as a mommy of three girls too I ask that You would work Your beauty in our daughters' hearts that they would reflect Your awesome glory and walk their journeys with their hands firmly in Yours. In Jesus. Amen.

Amy Wallace said...


Praying for you, dear friend!

Father, I ask that You would continue to use Meg and her beautiful writing for Your glory to share the truths You have spoken in her heart. Give Meg clear direction and encourage her heart that Your smile is on her and You have an awesome plan for her life and her writing. In Jesus. Amen.

Rel said...

Thanks Amy!

Rachel Hauck said...

Rachel here - Amen to Amy's prayers. May God honor your dreams. They are good ones.

Deborah, if you want to go on a mission trip, our church goes twice a year to Guatemala. We have a children's program there.

Rel, practical is wonderful, but don't let it kill your dreams. You can have both!

Meg, praying for the Lord to put you wtih the right agent, editor and readers! He has a plan.

Thanks for the space, Amy!


Danielle said...

One of the best things about joining the momseloop - I found your blog! Thanks for the interesting interview, and for introducing us to talented authors.

My dream - for my mother-in-law to finish writing her book so she can spend more time with her granddaughter ... she just wants to be done, and I would enjoy the babysitting! :-)

Amy Wallace said...


I'm so glad another momsloop friend has found me here! ;-)

Thanks so much for sharing your dream about your mother-in-law! I'd love to hear about her writing! And I'll be praying for her too.

But I'm curious... what's your dream for you? What do you want to see God do with the amazing life He's given you? No worries if you don't want to make that public. I'll be praying and trusting God to lead those prayers.

Many blessings,

Sally Datria said...

My dream is to be a writer and/or photographer so I think maybe I should have gotten a degree in journalism instead of education.

I just don't know if I'm cut out for that fast paced world. I get lost in the insanity of the world I live in! LOL!!

Great interview, Amy!

Amy Wallace said...


Thank you so much for taking the time to post here and to share your dream. I'm praying for you and with you, my friend!

Loving Father, please hold Sally in your comforting and strong arms today. Let her know without a doubt that you see her and understand her hopes and dreams. Give her the vision and peace to know Your plans for her are good and that You love to dream big with her. I pray that Sally will follow Your footsteps out of the boat and keep her eyes on You even in the worst storms. You are God and You are good. Help us hang on to that truth. We love You. In Jesus. Amen.

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