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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

There are a million reasons I love being a mom. The top three have made me laugh, cry, and experience God more than anything else in the world. They are my precious princesses:

My Sweet Song, my firstborn.

I love her curious mind and loving personality. She and I could read books together all day and discuss the big questions of life forever.

My firstborn taught me about God’s perfect love. Through months and months of colic, new mommy fears, and beautiful baby smiles, my little girl showed me how to fully embrace the joys and tears of being a mommy and never be afraid to run to the Perfect Parent, who loves us both to infinity and beyond.

My oldest has also taught me the joy of watching a child grow into young adulthood with grace and passion.

She is a daily reminder that my being whole, full, and healthy in my heart and soul is the best gift I can give to my children, second only to showing them Jesus and His love for them.

My Musical Laughter.

My middle girl is an old soul with deep wisdom and a relationship with God that leaves me in awe.

She's taught me how to laugh and live fully in the moment with all I have.

While being the only one to send me to the ER (I rescued her from meeting the concrete with her face and landed in the ER with ripped tendons) and the only child who needed the ER because of her being energy personified, she is the one who embraces every minute with life with honest passion. She is always there with a hug or a kind word of encouragement that flows from her heavenly Father. She truly has her Father's eyes and she's taught me to see the best in people, to hope, and to pray.

She is a daily reminder that laughter is good medicine and that joy is the best choice no matter what the circumstances.

My Sunshine.

My baby is no longer a baby, but is growing up into a beautiful little girl who is equal parts strong-willed and a total snuggle buggle.

She has taught me to trust the Lord no matter what life holds. After miscarrying a little one before I became pregnant with my youngest, and a very painful first year with severe reflux and all new mommy fears, this little girl is a daily reminder that God has good plans over and above anything I could ask or imagine. She has completed our family with such a flourish that I'm in awe of God's perfect gifts.

My little one reminds me daily that God is good and that I'm loved just because I'm me. She's the first to say "Mommy you are boo-tee-full!" and to impress on my heart how much I need the Lord because my little girl wants to be just like me.

I'm reminded of an older Christian song that talks about how "I want to be just like You, Jesus, 'cause (she) wants to be like me."

No matter who is following in our footsteps~ our little ones, nephews, nieces, young people at church~ we have a most awesome privilege and a holy calling. May we take our Daddy's hand and follow Him with passion and hope, living out loud the truth that He is good and He has such amazing plans for each and every one of us.

Happy Mother's Day!!!


Laurel Wreath said...

This is beyond heart melting. What three awesome blessings. I do notice, you have a household of girls and I have a household of boys. Boy could we compare notes on similarities and differences =))

Happy Mother's Day.

Amy Wallace said...

Thank you! My girls are awesome, even on those terrible, awful, no good, very bad days that supposedly happen even in Australia. ;-)

It'd be fun to compare mommy notes! I'm sure we'd both come away glad we have the kiddos God intended for us. (g) I'm looking forward to that coffee someday in the near future, Lord willing.

Rel said...

Ummm....would you like to explain the Australia comment????????????

Loved your interview with Kelly, Amy - very entertaining :) But my brain hurts trying to think of answers to those questions so I will just wait patiently for your response!

Amy Wallace said...


The Australia comment was from a great kid's book called Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, Awful, No Good, Very Bad Day. In it Alexander learns that bad days happen even in wonderful places like Australia. ;-)

So you're not going to play my guessing game? I'll give your tired brain a break and leave the answer in the comments. ;-)

Rel said...

Thanks for the explanation! I was sure such things didn't happen here - LOL!

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