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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Answers to Scrambled Dregs interview

I've received some great answers to my Who Am I? post. Here's question one that Kelly asked in her interview last week...

Describe something you can see, hear, taste or feel without telling us what the item is.

This item smells like summer, tastes like salt, and can feel both scratchy and smooth at the same time.

What is it? THE OCEAN

The second question I asked was: Is (the scene below) worthy of being a novel?

The leaves weren’t the only things stirred up by the breeze which now carried the cloying scent of death.

FBI Agent Bowers fought the gruesome images vying for control of his mind. Too late, he’d been too late again.

While death clung to every tree branch and fabric within the cordoned off area of Kentucky backwoods, John imagined the moment he’d come face to face with the killer.

In that one encounter, he’d send a nightmare to hell. The risk of his badge and sidearm were no match for the satisfaction of watching his brother’s last breath.

It wouldn’t bring back his wife or baby girl. But it would silence the ticking clock that haunted his dreams.

If only he’d come home an hour earlier.

If only he’d deciphered Braden’s clues, left just for him to find.

If only…

The words wrapped around mounting case files of unsolved destruction and called out of his subconscious the final photographic remains his brother had orchestrated.

No more. Justice had earned her revenge. He’d see her paid in full.

To that hope he clung. It was all he had left.

The bonus question was: "Who am I?" as a writer?

A new blog friend who I hope to meet IRL sometime in the near future said: "A writer who is using her God given gift of writing to further the kingdom of God. Amy is showing people you don't need to have perfect lives, or be perfect yourself for God to use you in a mighty way."

Wow, those words are total heart chocolate! And the ones about God so very true~ God doesn't require perfection. He is perfection. What He desires is obedience and our love, a passion He will use to light up the world around us and lead people to Him.

The answer God gave me as I pondered the scene showing my "voice" was that I write suspense because it's a part of who I am, how I think, and the way God has chosen to speak through me at this time.

But in the simplest terms, who I am is this: His.

That realization is something I will ponder as I soon head to one of my most favorite places in the world... the beach.

Wherever you are right now, I pray you'll ponder your answer to the same question. Who are you?

I can assure you of this as you consider your answer, if you belong to Jesus you are a beloved child of the King. He smiles and sings over you. I pray you see that in spirit and in truth as you spend some time with Him.


Kelly Klepfer said...

: )

Rel said...

Love the beach too :)

Laurel Wreath said...

Beach....bring sunscreen =))

Sweet friend your words are awesome: I AM HIS.

Yesterday was a struggle day, and if you get a chance read my post on CWO (go to my blog it will lead you there). I am sure you have experienced this more then me and in greater degree, but I wrote something that pierced my heart, it actually physically hurt. But it is God's truth, and he is MY truth...God is IT for me. Whether I like how things turn out or not.

I am rambling. I enjoyed your post. Keeping the coffee warm here in Florida =))

Amy Wallace said...

Rel and Kelly~ thanks for posting. You all make me smile!

Amy Wallace said...


Wow... what an article. I'm posting the link below because it is one that speaks like deep calling to deep. (Thursday May 17th post)

Yes, I have experienced what you wrote about and it brought tears to my eyes just to read your words and remember. God is good. I needed this so much today. Thank you!

Laurel Wreath said...

Your words bless, thank you. It was all God speaking NOT me...I think he is teaching me. =)

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