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Monday, May 05, 2014

Praying Dangerously May Week One

What does it mean to dream big? 

My children sometimes think it means to have lots of fun superhero dreams overnight and recount them the next morning.

They have some dreams Marvel would find impressive.

But I dream more when I'm awake. 

Some of those dreams have become books. Some of them are active prayers I'm waiting to see how God will work out. 

Whatever and whenever you dream, it's important to remember that we were created to dream. 

Not just at night.

But to pray and dream and live.

Not that living a dream is easy. Nor is it easy to wait for God to make a dream a reality.

I think too many of us forget to dream. Life gets busy. Bills have to be paid. 

And our hearts die a little bit every day we push aside the dreams we have for one day. 


How would life be different if you were living a dream? 

Not the American dream, but God's dream for you.

Finding the cure for cancer or diabetes or chronic fatigue or a host of other diseases that steal people's dreams.

Ending hunger. 

Providing clean water to those who have never had it. 

Praying for people and seeing God change lives. 

Buying a little less so some kids you'll never meet have food on the weekends. 

Saving change so some homeless people have a place to stay tonight. 

Praying for a child halfway around the world to come to know Jesus because you gave so she could be fed and taught God loves her. 

Teaching students God has an amazing plan for their lives and that they can change the world, one word, one story, one heart at a time.

Running an orphanage so children can heal physically and spiritually.

Showing people God through science.

Healing people outside and praying God heals them inside. 

All of these are my family's dreams. Some we are living. Some have not yet happened.

What are yours? 

What dream resides deep in your heart? 

Will you pray and ask God what His dream is for you? Will you take that first step and share your dreams with God?

Let yourself dream. Leave how the dreams come true up to God. He'll show you what to do when. 

Just dream. And pray. 

God is changing the world for good through dreamers who gave their dreams to God, and He did more than they could have ever imagined. 

What about you?

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