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Monday, February 17, 2014

Praying Dangerously February Week 3

I hope you all were able to consider what love has to do with your everyday actions and to see much good come from those ponderings. 

So my question for you this week is a simple one:  how do you show love? 

Agape love. God's love.

What are some practical ways to serve that, once infused with love, can change the world? 

As a single, I'm learning how  God can use my singleness to serve others. 

Without the life I have now, I wouldn't have gone back to teaching. And I love teaching. Every week I get to pray over my students and inspire them to seek God's heart. Not just for their writing, but for their lives. 

I fully believe God is changing the world for good through my teaching, both at home and at work. 

For those of you who are single, how is God changing the world through you? 

As a parent, we have the awesome privilege and responsibility to show and teach our children how to love with God's  love. We can point them to Jesus every day- through the things that go well and through our failures too. 

God uses all things to teach us and teach through us. 

One way my family loves and serves together is through supporting ministries that serve the least of these: Samaritans Purse, Compassion, World Vision, Operation Christmas Child, and giving to local food banks and shelters.

Something we started doing years ago was to keep some cash in the van to give to people our paths cross who are in need. This year my children bought gloves, scarves, and hats to give away too. 

I've taught my children to look people in the eyes as they give to them and to listen. Those short moments of respect are moments I pray will touch their hearts as much as the physical things we give. 

It's not much at all, but these are tangible ways to say to someone that they are important and loved. 

So how is God using you as a parent to inspire your family to love others through serving? 

How about you teens? How can God show love through you?

So many of my students and other young people I know go on mission trips around the world or in their hometowns. 

The teen and college years are amazing times of opportunity to love others through service. 

But in all honesty, at every age and stage in life there are things we can do to love and serve others. 

So how about you? How is God loving through you right now? 


Judy said...

As a senior citizen (still can't get used to that appellation!)I use my crocheting to bring smiles to peoples faces or comfort them. I'm always here for my neighbors when they need me and I show love by trying to be the kind of wife and homemaker I know God wants me to listening to my husband (who is not very demanding at all)and showing my appreciation for all the blessings I've been given.

Amy Wallace said...

Thank you for sharing, Judy! You are a beautiful testimony to loving others.

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