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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Just Enough Grace

I just returned from a trip to Louisville for my 20th high school reunion and book research. I truly love that city! More than that, I dearly love my family and friends there and miss them often.

But I'm thankful for the friends who have filled my life since high school too. One of them just had her first book published and I'd appreciate if you all would check it out.

Heather Nations is a dear friend who has loved me despite my rough edges, challenged me to grow, and always been there to cheer and offer an encouraging word.

Heather now has a book, Just Enough Grace: Reflections on Ordinary Miracles, a collection of amazing, thought-provoking blog posts that have been compiled into a beautiful, interactive devotional.

If you don't know about Heather's blog, you're missing a real treat. Heather is a Christ-centered woman who speaks the truth in love and shares from the depth of her heart.

She's also the master wordsmith who coined the term "Heart Chocolate" and applied it to one of my blog posts. Thankfully, she was so gracious and allowed me to utilize it for my work.

Here's a little more about Heather's new book, Just Enough Grace...

Just Enough Grace is more than just another devotional. It's one woman's journey through parenting, homeschooling, cancer, a cross-country move (in the midst of cancer treatments!), her husband's job loss, and the on-going changes and challenges of everyday life with four kids. Yet through it all, she sees God's hand and hears His still small voice. Come along with Heather as she shares the lessons that God is teaching her. One of the biggest is that God gives us just enough grace - just enough grace for the moment, for the specific situation that we're in right now. God gives us just enough grace to deal with whatever it is we face right now, although yesterday we could never have imagined being able to handle today's difficulties. And it's interactive! As you learn God's lessons along with Heather, take notes and write your own story in the journaling pages.


Heather said...

Wow! Thanks Amy. This made my day.

Amy Wallace said...

You are very welcome! It's a beautiful book by a beautiful person inside and out. I'm so proud of you!!!

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