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Thursday, October 09, 2008

What goes around comes around

I always thought the phrase "what goes around comes around" was some sort of a threat. Like when parents say not to cross your eyes or stick out your tongue or you'll freeze like that.

But in a month's time, I've experienced the positive results of this phrase.

The first time it happened, I was bowled over. I read a review of Ransomed Dreams by Latte-n-Libre that got me all teary. It blew me away in fact.

Here's a snippet: "I feel like the measure of Christian fiction is the ability to not only entertain but to set itself apart by presenting a spiritual truth that we can take way and apply to our lives or store it to share with someone else. Ransomed Dreams does just that."

Now that's an awesome compliment. But that's not what blew me away. The reason this statement squeezed my heart was because it was a reply to a long-standing prayer. It was a direct answer to my plea as I wrote Ransomed Dreams, the one where I begged God to use this story to go deep and touch hearts with His healing power.

She went on to say this: "See how Ransomed Dreams changed my life here." Now that's something every author longs to read. And this post not only made me teary, it made me bawl and praise God.

What I wrote with a prayer to encourage others came back my way and overwhelmed me with the reality of God's answered prayers.

Then today, I received another note about a blog post referencing an article I'd written years ago that Hope found on my Heart Chocolate site.

She said, "I stumbled across Amy Wallace’s website and found exactly the reminder I needed. Amy has an article on her website entitled, "Putting on the Full Armor of God for Writers" that truly spoke to my heart."

I wrote that article praying for writers who needed encouragement and to remind myself and others that God's Word is the best place to run for every type of writing day... before you even start writing.

What a thrill to know God accomplished that. And did abundantly more than I could have imagined.

What goes around comes around. And, wow, am I glad.

A special thanks to these two ladies who encouraged my heart with their posts.

And to all of us...don't give up doing good. Or praying. God will bring it back around when you least expect it.

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