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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Free time

In case you've ever wondered what the Wallaces do for free time fun, here are some snap shots of our Saturday night family time...

Putting together a Ransomed Dreams puzzles

Amy getting to do the names and titlesDavid and Amy with the finished project

And for the elusive "free time" for me? Well, I'm reading a fascinating forensics book and taking lots of notes.

Every once in a while (okay, maybe once or twice a day) I play a new word game I found on the web: 8 Letters in Search of a Word

I'm also reading a scrumptious book entitled Chocolate Covered Friendship. Definitely a book for all chocolate lovers!

So what do you all do for free time fun? Do you make time for fun or take free time as it comes?


David said...

Hey honey! Just stopped by in my free time (between projects here at work) to see what you were posting and thought I'd let you know that I spend my free time thinking of you. :-)

By the way, did I tell you I got to level 32 and scored a 10784 on the 8 letters game?

I love you!

Beth said...

When I can get my family to agree we play board games sometimes (they don't like them as much as I do).
Other things that I do in my free time include reading, cross stitch and blogging.

Unknown said...

When I can get my family to agree we play board games sometimes (they don't like them as much as I do).

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Rel said...

Lovely pics - I see Dave hasn't been able to talk you in to letting him use the shaver - LOL!

squiresj said...

I'm beginning to hate blogs. It seems they never want to go through. Now I have to rewrite what I wrote. I should know to copy it as I always have to paste it several times before blogs go through.
I miss the years of doing puzzles and playing games with my girls. I have no one anymore to do them with - no grandchildren.
So you are truly blessed and enjoy every single moment.
3rd attempt to get this to go through.

Amy Wallace said...

Thanks so much for sharing your free time activities. Glad you all had fun with the 8 Letters game. ;-)

Very cool to see so many board game players among us. For those of you with little ones, what are some of your favorites? We're always looking for ideas.

And like Jane reminded us... it's always good to treasure those family moments. That's the best way to spend free time.

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