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Monday, May 05, 2008

Hanging out with the FBI in DC

I spent this past week in writer euphoria as my family and I toured Washington, DC and Alexandria, VA. And to the many folks praying for me not to get arrested by trying to slip into the FBI building ~ thank you.

God heard and I'm arrest free. ;-)

But I did walk by the Hoover building often and enjoyed a few writer "moments." My kids thought I was a little loopy. But I couldn't help getting giddy thinking, "This is where Steven, Clint and Michael actually walked!"

Okay, I do know they didn't actually walk there, but still. It was a good "moment."

Tuesday, the day I got up the nerve to have my picture taken in front of the FBI building, started with a series of unfortunate events. First, our White House tour was cancelled. Then we morphed into walking robots and took in so many sights my head is still spinning. There were also some "lost" moments where maps were studied and I tried to put on a brave face and just keep walking, hoping we'd end up somewhere safe.

After that, I paced in front of the FBI building like a lost puppy, begging for a peek inside.

That I did not get.

But what came next made up for it.

On a whim, my husband suggested we take a different street to head back to the car. And there before us~ just a few blocks from the FBI building~ was a Borders bookstore. My husband suggested we go in.

I hesitated. What if my books aren't there? That would so stink.

But in we went.

And not only was my book there....multiple copies were on a face-out, eye-level special shelf!!!! RIGHT NEAR THE FBI BUILDING!!!

I did a jig, my kids rolled their eyes and my hubby snapped a picture.

It was a "moment" of pure bliss.

And the manager asked me to sign their stock to boot. In my mind's eye, I was walking down red carpet and waving. ;-)

But God wasn't finished with His little surprises and funny shuffling of my itinerary.

The next day, we had a rescheduled White House tour and ended up behind a huge group of eighth graders and in front of another group of folks. Things got all mixed up and everyone had to move to yet another line.

When that happened, we ended up behind one person we'd spoken to with the eighth grade field trip and in front of a very friendly older couple. My kiddos struck up a conversation and soon this couple asked about the book my husband was holding.

The book I'd sort of ridiculously hoped I'd be able to leave for President Bush.

Between my kids' excited chatter about my writing and my husband handing out my business cards like candy, tons of folks were excited about the Defenders of Hope stories.

It was another "moment."

Needless to say, I didn't get to leave my copy of Healing Promises at the White House. But one of the ladies from the eighth grade tour group was so excited to see me after the tour and asked if I'd left the book. It was so sweet how much she'd hoped I'd get to do that.

We chatted a little and then I joined my family again. But God had another surprise and nudged me to go back to this kind woman and give her the book.

I did.

She nearly cried and called to all of the other teachers and parents, telling them about both of my books and that I'd given her a copy. Seeing her face and how much joy that little offering gave reminded me of why I write and that God has so much more in store than I can imagine.

I came home super charged that I'd actually rubbed elbows with real, live FBI heroes and walked in the footsteps of my characters.

Even more, that God's shuffling of my plans on multiple days resulted in a special God-kiss of knowing Healing Promises is hanging out right down the road from the FBI.

Most of all, I saw God do what I've prayed He'd do through every book~ encourage hearts and draw people closer to Him.

That was the best "moment" of all~ sensing His smile as I enjoyed the God-kisses and needed reminders He'd planned long before I stepped foot in DC.

So a special thanks to all of you who prayed. God showed up and filled me to overflowing with the sights, experiences and fun we had during our week away.

And maybe next trip I'll figure out a way inside the FBI fortress.... completely legally, of course!


Meg said...

Wow, Amy! What a fantastic bunch of blessings God gave you. And I love the look of flabbergasted joy on your face in the picture at Borders. That says it all!

Amy Wallace said...

So you caught the flabbergasted (with a little I-don't-like-getting-my-picture-taken grimace)part of the smile?

But it was too cool a moment to pass up capturing on film. ;-)

Jenny said...

Sounds like an exciting time! I'd love to get to DC one day.

I just finished "Healing Promises" and I loved it. Can't wait to see what happens with Michael and Hanna, too.

Amy Wallace said...


Thanks so much for reading Healing Promises and your super kind words about the story. I can't wait to see what happens with Michael and Hanna either. ;-) Just kidding. Prayers appreciated as I edit Enduring Justice!

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