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Thursday, April 24, 2008

How to stay humble

Today I had a blast on the TV show Mornings with hosts Lorri and Larry! And a question one of the callers asked is still rattling around my brain.

He asked, "How do you stay humble?"

I started to laugh because I have no reason to entertain diva thoughts, especially knowing that when I left the show I had kids to chauffeur to the dentist then lunch to fix. Besides that, God has more ways to keep me humble than I have brain cells to comprehend. And He uses a plethora of ways on any given day.

The bathroom scale
Cleaning up after kids and stomach flu do battle
Making yet another PB&J sandwich

And one of the biggest ways I've seen God work in this area is by simply reminding me that I write for His glory and it's God who's touching readers' hearts.

It helps that I have an incredible family and wonderful friends who keep me grounded too.

But now I'm curious. Have you all thought about ways God keeps you humble?


Tanja said...

Oh, let me count the ways. My husband. My children. My lawnmower. I'm working on a post about this very thing called Irony and Humility. Check my blog in the next few days.

Amy Wallace said...

I'm with you, Tanja! Thanks for letting me know about your humility post. I'll check it out!

Scrambled Dregs said...

I can't imagine anything more humbling than writing...everyone has differing opinions. My critique group has humbled and stretched me. One of these days I'm going to write something they all like. Or not.

Thanks for swinging by the Dregs. Hope your tour was fab.

Amy Wallace said...

Hey, Kelly!

Always glad to drop by the Dregs. I've enjoyed many a giggle and thought-provoking comment there.

And your words are so true! There's little else so humbling as writing.

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