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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy 13th Anniversary!

Happy 13th anniversary to my hubby David and my best friend Jen and her husband David!!!

Yep, we were married one hour apart on December 31, 1994.

And in honor of this big day, here are thirteen reasons why I still do...

To David: Thirteen reasons why I’d say “I Do” all over again

1) Besides the fact that you are as good-looking as you were on our wedding day, you still believe I’m beautiful and you say so, even when I step off the scale scowling.

2) You do the work God gave you to do, and you’re awesome at it. You not only provide well for our family, but you also encourage me to pursue my dreams~ even when that lands a huge load of extra work on your shoulders.

3) You believe in me.

4) You tell silly stories that make our girls laugh. They’re right when they say they have a great daddy. You love them and it shows.

5) You pray for us each and every night.

6) You have never really given up. You keep trying. God sees that and I’m beginning to as well.

7) You're serious about being the man God made you to be. I see you growing more each day and it's awesome.

8) Only you know all the inside jokes. Ping pong games, body chocolate, what happens with Christmas tree lights, why there are four hand squeezes to a good hand-holding time, and why we love—to infinity and beyond!

9) We can talk about books and movies and learn more about the stories and each other in the process.

10) You give me chocolate. ;-)

11) I can beat you in marbles.

12) You team up with God to push, pray, and cheer me on this writing journey.

14) You put up with all my many quirks and still think I’m the only best one for you. ;-)

Happy Anniversary Honey! I love you to infinity and beyond~ no matter what.


David said...


As I sit here crying tears of love and joy, I know that God has given me a gift greater than I could ever have imagined in you. Your words are a blessing...these for me...and so many you have written that have blessed others. Thank you for being a gift and using your gifts that God has given for His glory.

Happy Anniversary! I would say "I Do!" all over again in a heartbeat too.

May this only be the beginning! I look forward to year #14.


Rel said...

So lovely, you two :) Feel a little like I am interupting a private moment but what the heck!! It is beautiful to see a wonderful marriage - thanks for sharing the love you have for eachother and the Lord! Only 7 more days until Steve and I celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary - woo hoo!

Sharon Hinck said...

Congratulations (you young pups, you!)

Huge blessings in 2008, dear friend!

Many snowy hugs!

Love2beMom said...

Happy Anniversary! May God continue to bless and nurture the love you share and make it grow into something more and more beautiful as each year goes by.


Vicki said...

Happy belated anniversary wishes....may the Lord bless you both beyond your wildest imagination:-)


Amy Wallace said...

Thank you all so much for sharing in a special day with your beautiful comments and blessings!

And happy anniversary to Rel and Steve too!!! Much congrats and wishes for a wonderful celebration!

carla stewart said...

Congrats on your anniversary. I remember when we got married (35+ years ago) that we thought five years was an eternity. It flies by when you're with the one you love. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog about books I'm reading. I just may move yours to the top of the stack! God bless.

Amy Wallace said...


Thanks so much for leaving a sweet note!

I pray Ransomed Dreams will be a story that draws you in and points you to the Lord.

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