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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Doing a new thing

I'm doing a new blogging thing at least once a week~ taking part in some awesome blog tours. I hope you'll be blessed and encouraged as you take a dip into the great world of Christian fiction!

BETWEEN HERE AND THE PAST, THERE LIES A PLACE...a place of longing for what has been rather than hoping for what could be!

This week's tour is a fascinating women's fiction novel entitled Violette Between written by Alison Stroble

Violette Between is a poignant story of a true artist. When the love of Violette's life, Saul, suddenly dies, she dies too. Climbing back into life after her loss, she meets Christian, a psychologist who not only understands her struggles but offers safety and his heart. As Violette and Christian begin to feel something they both thought impossible, tragedy strikes again.

Christian holds a vigil at Violette's bedside, where she is in a coma, begging her to come back to him. While in a coma, Violette becomes trapped in a place of past memories–and she finds that she may not want to come back.

What would it be like to choose a place between the past and the present?

Violette Between is a powerful character study of a woman finally relinquishing the past to move on, only to be thrust into the quandary of reliving that life and needing to make a choice. For Christians, this will definitely make you think about heaven and the consequences of eternal life.

"Delving into the underside of complicated relationships, Alison Strobel takes readers to unexpected places, but doesn't hesitate to deliver redemption when needed."---Melody Carlson, author of Finding Alice

About the author: Alison graduated with a degree in elementary education, and in the summer of 2000 she moved from Chicago to southern California where she taught elementary school for three years. It was in Orange County that she met her husband, Daniel Morrow, and the story developed for her first novel, Worlds Collide.

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