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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Message Board

I had hoped to post last week and let you all know the message board at my Heart Chocolate website was up and running. But before I posted here, the boards went down. Something about a phpbb error and we can't get technical support to get it fixed. I'd sure appreciate your prayers as the boards were starting to get busy and a community starting to form. My heart is to host a place where we can chat about all sorts of life things and give and receive the encouragement we need.

Life is hard, but God is good. And it sure helps remind each other of that truth.

Thanks for your prayers! I'll let everyone know when we are back and running.

I'll close with a thought I'm pondering today as I get ready to start work on book 2 of my new romantic suspense series and get ready to teach tomorrow~

Remember... God is smiling and singing over you. His thoughts are filled with how awesome and incredible you are and how much He loves you. Check out Psalm 139 and picture it. Your Heavenly Daddy loves you SO MUCH!

He IS smiling... at you.

Enjoy Him today.

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