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Monday, February 06, 2006

An Invitation

Thank you all so much for praying about the whole message board mess! I'm excited to report the boards are back up and running and we didn't lose any information while things were being fixed. You guys are the best! :-)

So now I get to issue the formal invitation I've been wanting to send....

Come one, come all to the Heart Chocolate Message Boards!!!

Click the link titled Discussion Board and then the "Enter the message boards here" button. Please fill out a quick registration and come join the fun!

When: Anytime!

Why: To be encouraged and connect over all sorts of topics. If you don't find a topic you're interested in, please create a new one.

Thanks again for your prayers and for your help in making the new message boards a thriving community where we can all come to relax, grow, and be encouraged.

Once things get a little busier on the boards my wonderful webmaster hubby is going to add a new feature~ a live chat forum designed to host authors, marriage counselors, student leaders, and others for interactive question and answer times.

All of these neat features, my website, blog, teaching, my writing, parenting, and loving my husband and friends can be summed up in my one all-consuming passion. It's something I've spent time praying about and asking God to clarify for me. Here it is... My all-consuming passion is to know and show others~ through healing hearts~ how to glorify God by enjoying Him forever.

That leads to my second invitation:

What's your all-consuming passion? I invite you to talk it over with God and let Him show you not only how much He loves you, but also who He created you to be.

Here's to living with passion and loving well.

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