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Friday, December 02, 2005

Merry Christmas with God kisses

Merry Christmas!!!

This is truly a most wonderful time of the year this time round! All the painful work God has done in this past year finally feels like it is coming together and creating an incredible holiday season I'm thoroughly enjoying with my family.

We started with a Thanksgiving to remember... dancing with my two year old to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and watching all three of my princesses wide-eyed wonder at the floats and singer and festivities. My youngest pointed to the Rockettes' routine on the TV and said, "mommy dance." I look nothing like a Rockette, but it sure felt nice to be so seen by my baby. ;-)

Since then we've enjoyed decorating the house, hanging precious picture ornaments together on the tree, having Christmas pictures taken, (and actually enjoying it!) and making a gingerbread Christmas tree. And we still have many more fun, memory-making things planned. Tomorrow we bake cookies and next week we are going to see the Nutcracker at the Fox Theater in downtown Atlanta.

Plus, we have the annual holiday trip to Brusters for scoops of eggnog and peppermint ice cream all around. And ice skating on Christmas Eve. Then my girls' favorite thing to do on Christmas Day...putting up the Baby Jesus on our advent calendar.

We’ve done most of these things for years now, but this year everything sparkles a little more through happy tears as we read Christmas stories and snuggle together by the glowing tree my girls picked out and their daddy cut down.

My heart is full and overflowing.

But that’s not all…here’s where the unexpected God kisses multiply.

As my family life has grown more and more healthy, I’m learning to enjoy the moments instead of frantically capture them. One huge God kiss after another there. My writing as well has taken me places I’ve never gone before—some amazing and some awful. I’m still waiting to hear back from two publishing houses that have been very interested in my first two novels. This is both amazing and awful at the same time. ;-) I’ve also made it to the final editor stage for three short stories, with contracts signed.

Then I found out the highest paying one fell through. I didn’t make the final cut. And it was the one I felt most sure I’d see it printed. I was sad, took it to God, and then moved on and kept working on my third book.

Here comes the coolest part…

Yesterday I got the entire galley for the Chicken Soup book my story didn’t make it into. I was shocked and decided to delete it, not wanting to know which ones made it without mine in there.
But my husband insisted I just look. So I did.

And there was my story.

It's the last one in this compilation. I get to close this awesome book with one of my favorite lines I’ve written to date.

“Dance. Even when life hurts. It’s worth every step.”

I made it after all!!!! I was in total shock. Then I shared the news with my girls and they danced around and said, “Yeah, Mommy!” That’s when I felt it.

My eyes watered…

My heartbeat grew faster…

And God bent down and whispered a kiss into my soul.

He does have good plans for me. For my writing and for my precious family. Because I’m His and He loves me.

To be loved like that is the greatest of all gifts my Daddy could have given me this most special time of the year.

Thank you, Abba. You’re the BEST!


David said...


I am so proud of you and I too thank God for all he is doing in our lives. I love you dearly and I'm enjoying this most wonderful Christmas season with you.

Love, David

Amy Wallace said...

I love you too!!! You are heart chocolate by Christmas tree light. :-)


upwords said...

He is the best, isn't He? Congrats, Amy. I loved that piece and I'm so proud of you. :)


Amy Wallace said...

Thank you, Mary! Making my mentor proud brings a huge smile to my heart.


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