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Monday, December 12, 2005

Another cool God kiss

Last night, after enjoying a relaxing cup of eggnog by Christmas tree light with my wonderful hubby, we came down to the family room and got busy on our computers. I did some blog touring and catching up, which was great. My husband did some work on my soon-to-come website. This weekend he designed a yummy splash page to announce the coming soon. In my totally unbiased opinion I think it's awesome! ;-)

Here's the link: I'd love to hear what you think.

Before I went to bed, I surfed to a website I used to check often to see if I made it into my second book compilation. But enjoying Christmas with little ones has had me so happily busy I hadn't checked the site in a good while.

Well, last night I saw that the list was posted...



The U-Turns book The Choices Teens Make will be coming out in October of 2006 with my story "If Only I Were Beautiful" in it. I'm SO excited!!!

Still no news about my two novels, but I'm learning with every baby step that God is good and He has good plans, contracts or not. It's nice, especially this bustling time of year, to relax and enjoy the goodness of God.

God kisses and heart chocolate make this the most wonderful time of the year for me!


HeyJules said...


Okay, MERRY Christmas to you, girl! Wow...

And the "splash" page - love it!

Sounds like your corner of the world is all coming together around you. I'm so glad. Blessings to you, Amy. May 2006 be everything you ever dreamed of.


Amy Wallace said...

Thank you, Jules! I've missed chatting with you on the blog. Guess that means I need to post more, huh? ;-)

Until then, hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Years too!


HeyJules said...

I've been snowed under a bit myself. Realized the other day I hadn't been over to check you out for awhile so thought I'd come see what you'd been up to.

Glad I did. Your writing always touches me in a profound way. What a great inspiration blogging is! What a wonderfully FUN way to get to serve God, don't you think?

writerlysoul said...

Amy! I LOVE the splash page! I can already tell that your author site will totally rock!

Love ya!


Amy Wallace said...


Blogging truly is a wonderful way to serve God. I love the friends I've met through my blog and all the encouragement I've been able to both give and receive. You are a wonderful part of the joy I receive from being a part of the blogsphere!

Hope you're out from under all the snow. ;-) My girls and I so wish we had some of the white stuff way down south. Funny story... while there was no white stuff blowing outside, my girls received some very cool bubble bath in their stockings. Later that night when I dumped a good bit into their bath water and bubbles went everywhere, my middle daughter exclaimed, "Look! We have a white Christmas after all!"

Amy Wallace said...

Hey Staci! I'm so glad to see you here!!! And thanks for checking out my site. We hope to go live this week.... I'll let you know.

Love and miss you!

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