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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Step into the Light

Welcome to my blog!

Like the title suggests this will be a place to come out of hiding and into the healing light of God's amazing love and grace.

Speaking of light... Sometimes it hurts. Like when one of your beloved children runs into the bedroom five minutes before the way too early alarm goes off and flips on the light shouting, "Mommy, you've got to see this!" I've considered throwing my pillow and growling, but then I'd be without a shield for my eyes or my upper torso-which is a favorite pouncing place for my gaggle of geese. I've also contemplated a professor-like lecture on the value of letting mommy sleep, to which my kids just laugh and invite me to "Please, come see!"

So I open my eyes, blink a few times, rub the sleep away, and then behold a sight worth stepping into the once-blinding light. My little princesses have a surprise they can't wait to give. Spread before me are an assortment of "You're the best mommy in the world" cards, a collection of soft peach and yellow roses, and mouth-watering chocolate chip waffles made by my tiny chefs.

Has this ever really happened to me? Yes, with various minor changes to the above scenario. (my favorite being the addition of even more chocolate) And it is always worth that blinding, eye-stinging, watery pain that comes with the first glimpse of bright light.

Did you know God has something even better planned for you as you step into the light of His presence?

The specific stab of pain as He reveals where you've veered from His way is intended to draw you to the place where His complete forgiveness and incredible love can be clearly seen- without the dull shades of gray our sin keeps us living in.

So come, take a walk on the beach with me and look out over the splashing waves. Do you see it? Past the first bright beams of sunlight and blue sky... look closely. If you look with your heart, you'll see where I'm learning to focus my thoughts as I step into the light.

Open your eyes wide. The infinitely beautiful and absolutely loving Jesus is smiling.

At you.


Karen said...

Amy, I thought your blog was wonderful! How true...we poor humans spend so much of our time in darkness, what a blessing to comes into God's light! Thank you for this message. I love you so much!!!!!! See you soon, Mom

David said...

You are my favorite blogger. I'll read it every day.

Amy Wallace said...

You two are the best! Nothing like having the support of my family as I undertake new adventures in blogging.

Love you!!!

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