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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A very good day

Yesterday we celebrated my oldest daughter's birthday with a knitting party and a fun time with great friends. My oldest is an incredible knitter and has been knitting since she was nine.

But trying to teach mom to knit was most likely the low point of the day. You know saying about teaching an old dog new tricks?

I'm that old dog.

It was a wonderful day despite that. ;-)

We also enjoyed an impromptu knitting party (four participants were under the age of 12) around our kitchen table after the birthday party and a viewing of National Treasure 2~ a movie we all love.

Then, later that evening, I scooted out of the house for a WORD meeting where the group brainstormed two awesome stories and I laughed with writer friends. I love being part of this group.

My last fun thing of the day was meeting with a dear friend to work on our teaching for Lifeway in September. She told me a story as we walked out about attending an Amish auction and wanting to bid on a particular item because she knew I'd love it.

Well, an Amish friend bid and won the item. But later, two Amish ladies found out about my friend wanting this item for me and ended up sending her another one. A handmade, Amish plaque.

It epitomizes all that's best about my day.

So a very special THANK YOU to my friend and her Amish friends for being a big part of a super wonderful day.

And while I'm at it... thanks to all the folks in my life who this plaque is about:

My husband and kiddos, Jen, the Medlins, Cindy, Sharon, the WORD group, Carrie, and all of you reading this blog.

You all make my life sweeter. Thanks for being part of a day to celebrate. A day that is a precious reminder that there are things in life worth celebrating.

Even on the rainy days.


kangaj1 said...

Amy, give "your oldest" a hug from me!

Sally said...

Hugs and a happy birthday from Arizona as well!!! Love you!! Love the plaque too!!

Amy Wallace said...

Thanks you all! My oldest is grinning at your hugs and birthday wishes.

Love you guys!

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