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Monday, September 01, 2008

Wanna play?

Hope you're enjoying some time off on Labor Day! We're heading to a friend's house for a cookout and some kicking back and relaxing.

While you're out and about or home chillin' can I suggest two things?

One, would you join us in praying for our military and law enforcement? These men and women risk their lives every day so we can enjoy the freedoms that make our country great. They could use our prayers and encouragement.

Two, how about popping into the Heart Chocolate site and checking out a new feature? I'd love to hear what you think and find out what kind of Defenders of Hope fan you are.

Happy Labor Day y'all!


Susan said...

Headed over there now. Reviewed your book at my place this week. Thanks for another great contribution!!

Susan said...

OK, I took the quiz without going and getting my books! Some of those questions were tricky!! But it was fun!

Laurie said...

hey! fun changes to your web site!

Amy Wallace said...

Thanks for checking out the trivia questions, Susan and Laurie!

And way to go, Susan! Glad you had fun. ;-)Thanks too for reviewing Healing Promises and for your kind words.

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