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Friday, May 21, 2010

Influence and power

A very close friend called me up on Wednesday to wish me an early birthday and said she’d be praying for me on my birthday (today) and thanking God all day that He made me.

I nearly cried.

What a sweet thing to say and mean.

My daughters and I have been talking about power and influence this week, and today that thought converged with the idea of thanking God for someone’s life.

I wonder if the people I’m in authority over: my children, mentorees, students, lower belts in my martial arts, thank God for me.

What about you? Who do you influence? And how can you use that influence for good, like Jesus did?

By serving. It’s an easy Sunday school answer, but I wonder if you’re like me and that isn’t an everyday thought.

Who can you influence for good by serving?

It might be a smile, a kind word, a firm but loving round of discipline, a cheer when they’re trying hard but not quite getting it.

They may never say thank you, but they will someday be thankful for you. They may even spend your birthday thanking God that He made you because you made a difference in their life.

1 comment:

Sheila Deeth said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday. Interesting post. Certainly leaves me thinking - and planning to work on smiling through the rain.

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