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Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9-11

Eight years ago today our country was attacked. Lives lost. Chaos.

Where were you?

I was baby-sitting my oldest daughter's best friend, and my husband interrupted a normal day of play with a shaky phone call.

He said a plane hit one of the Twin Towers.

I said that was crazy.

I meant impossible. But when I turned on the TV, I saw it was possible. It was still crazy.

I sat in front of our TV on a scratchy rug, numb as I watched the second plane hit and both towers crumble.

I stayed there for a week.

Then and now I couldn't comprehend why it happened. Or what would happen next.

I just knew my world had changed forever.

For a short time, the world changed for good. People from all over the globe held vigils by candlelight. Leaders expressed sympathy. Heroes emerged from twisted metal and police cars and fire trucks.

They showed us what the American spirit looked like in the 21st century. Our nation came together and sang God Bless America on the Capitol steps.

It was beautiful.

So where were you? What do you remember?


Judy said...

I was home in Central NJ....TV off for a change. DH was on the road. A friend called asking where he was....after learning he wasn't in NYC h etold me what had happened. I fell to my knees in tears when I saw the TV coverage and immediately called my DH. Life was never the same. For 3 days no more overhead planes coming in to Newark airport. My first sight of a military jet darting in the sky overhead as it banked over NYC. The smell of the smoke in our yard and some embers landing from across the bay separating us from lower Manhattan.ANd the worse thing - the screams of my 20-something son as he came down later in the morning and I told him - and he screamed "Mike is up there!" His best friend was on the top floors and suffered an agonizing death with all others at Cantor Fitzgerald. I hope NO ONE ever forgets. Maybe it takes having been in those buildings and knowing people who died or almost died that day to feel so strongly - I hope not.

Amy Wallace said...

Judy, thank you for sharing.

I agree with you and pray no one forgets, no matter how they were personally affected that day.

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