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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Take your best shot

There was a time in my life when many people were infinitely glad I neither owned a firearm nor could shoot one.

But that has all changed. Thanks to some good friends in Mississippi who taught me to shoot and pointed me in the right direction. ;-)

We went to Mississippi recently for some book research and it was some of the most fun research I've ever done. Second only to my week in DC, which I loved!

Now I know what my characters have felt when they've used their weapons. And I know without a doubt I can handle a weapon well, shoot respectably, and stop anyone who thinks about harming my family. Add to that my beloved Louisville Cardinals are in the Sweet Sixteen and on there way to the Final Four, and you have a super amazing weekend!

Here's a list of the super cool weapons I was actually allowed to handle. And.... for those who are still afraid at the thought of me with a weapon... my instructors said I did better than my hubby and better than a lot of hunters they knew. Honest!

We shot a Colt M4~ that thing had some major kick. I totally took out the dirt hill I fired into... on purpose.

Ruger Mark III~ super easy to shoot and looks pretty cool.

Glock 22~ this is my FBI guys' weapon of choice, so I was surprised I didn't like it. Too much kick for my liking which made it harder to keep focused on the targets.

Springfield XD~ now this one was more my speed. I did much better with accuracy, even though my hubby out-shot me.

Remington 870 Tactical Shotgun~ this was my favorite of all. I totally out-shot my hubby and shocked the instructor. Can you guess why? This is the weapon I imagine when I've thought of someone breaking into my house to hurt my family. Now I know how to use it and had a 100% headshot accuracy.

DPMS Panther~ this one was a little too heavy for me to enjoy, but I nailed the target anyway.

Remington 700~ my second favorite weapon. I shot 100% headshots at 300 meters (three football fields). My hubby only shot 300 once, so I'm happy to say I beat him there too. We're not at all competitive. LOL

Anyway... all that to say research is sometimes a totally life-changing thing. And it's fun too. Especially when I graduate best in class. :-)


Melissa Juvinall said...

Hilarious. I laughed out loud at the photos and the images in my head of you with a gun. :) What fun research!!! Now you just have to remember it all!
Miss you, friend!!

Amy Wallace said...

It was that funny??? Really?

It was super fun. Awesome research. We took tons more photos and even some video... so even if my memory fails, I have reminders. ;-)

Miss you too, friend! Any plans to come down south anytime soon???

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