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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sir Bentley and Holbrook Court

I'm happy to be part of a family of voracious readers. Two of those readers are young. My oldest reads 400+ page novels in a day and can retell all the main points, themes, and her favorite characters.

As a mom, I'm often stumped for books to recommend or purchase for her. I want something that stirs the imagination, entertains, and at the same time encourages her to love God more.

Given her ability to read far faster than I could dream about doing, I can't keep up. So I depend on recommendations from others.

And because I've benefited so much from great recommendations, I wanted to share some information about Sir Bentley and Holbrook Court, a novel by Chuck Black for ages 9-12, which released February 17th. First you'll find a book summary and some reviews. Then a bonus review from another voracious reader in the Wallace home. Enjoy!

Sir Bentley and Holbrook Court

Book summary:

This second installment in Chuck Black’s Knights of Arrethtrae series tells the tale of Sir Bentley, an honorable knight who abandons all to seek the truth of the Prince. Eirwyn, a mysterious young woman who brings food to the poor, teaches Bentley the power of compassion to overcome evil. Together, they save the people of Holbrook from poverty and despair.

Sir Bentley’s quest for the truth of the Prince finds him battling Shadow Warriors, a powerful lord, and a terrifying creature. Will greed destroy Holbrook? Or can Bentley and the mysterious Eirwyn restore prosperity to the kingdom through the compassion of the Prince?

Intended for family read-alouds and Christian teens, this fantastic story will entertain and edify parents and kids alike.


“With sanctified imagination, Chuck Black transports readers back to the days of chivalry and valor, clashing steel, and noble conflict–but ultimately he transports readers to the eternal triumph of the King who reigns!”
– Douglas Bond, author of HOLD FAST In a Broken World, and Guns of the Lion

“Chuck Black is a word crafter who is able to weave Kingdom principles into the fabric of one’s moral imagination. The characters he has created and the passions they exude, will motivate readers to follow their examples, which have now been etched into their awakened conscience.”
-Mark Hamby, Founder and President of Cornerstone Family Ministries and Lamplighter Publishing

“My son, Nathan, loved the first book in this series and he said the second was even better. In my son's own words, ‘Mom, it was exciting and full of mystery. It compelled me to read more. I couldn't put it down.’ As a mom and an author, I give Sir Bentley and Holbrook Court two thumbs up!”
– Tricia Goyer, homeschooling mom and author of eighteen books, including Generation NeXt Parenting

Author Bio:

Chuck Black, a former F-16 fighter pilot and tactical communications engineer, is the author of eight novels, including the popular Kingdom series. He has received praise from parents across the country for his unique approach to telling biblical truths. His passion in life is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and to love his wife, Andrea, and their six children. He lives with his family in North Dakota.

Bonus review from David Wallace (homeschool dad, amazing reader, and married to an author)

Sir Bentley and Holbrook Court, book two in The Knights of Arrethtrae series, is an exciting tale of a knight on a quest of a lifetime. As Sir Bentley forsakes the tradition of his family, and all the privileges that come with it, he sets out to serve the true King. Author Chuck Black takes his readers into battles, captivity, and to the brink of death as his hero looks for answers to his many questions regarding faith in the true Prince and the King.

The book is written for teens, but is a fascinating story for adults as well. Any teen who is interested in tales of knights and fair maidens will quickly take to this book, as well as the entire series. I would encourage parents to read the book along with your teen (if you can get it away from them long enough). I was almost as impressed with the carefully crafted discussion questions at the end of the book as I was with the story itself. The author’s heart to take this deeper than just an entertaining story and actually challenge his readers to serve their true King is obvious.

If you want some background on the fascinating land and people of Arrethtrae, I highly recommend The Kingdom Series, the predecessor of The Knights of Arrethtrae. These books are equally as captivating and thought provoking. And as you read them and discuss them with your teen…you might just slay some dragons of your own.


Raise Them Up said...

This sounds like a great series for us to start on vacation. Our summer vacation includes hours in the car, and my oldest son is always looking to bring a good book (or three!). Thanks!!

Amy Wallace said...

So glad the review helped! My oldest read the first three books (in the series before the highlighted book) in a few hours. So it might be good to plan on taking a few books to make those hours in the car fly by.


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