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Monday, August 04, 2008

Closing a chapter

Wow, does it feel strange to finish one chapter of life and not be quite ready to flip to the next page in the adventure.

In case you're wondering what in the world I'm referring to... I've just turned in edits for my last Defenders of Hope book, Enduring Justice. What I love writing most is the last chapter and the author note and acknowledgements. I figure if they still make me cry after umpteen edits, it's ready.

I'll go ahead and say it early: THANK YOU to all of you who have prayed and encouraged me through the writing of this story. I poured my heart into the pages and am excited about what God will do with Enduring Justice.

But I'm not ready to jump into the next project yet. It's still brewing in my heart. And it's strange. Because I've already connected to the main character and see God working out things in my life that correlate directly with this next book. Sometimes it's awesome when that happens. Other times, not so much. Especially the spiritual stretching.

But it's good. All good.

And now it's back to work on homeschool lessons and then writing a new book. Prayers for guidance and God's story to tell are much appreciated!


Lori said...

(sitting here waiting with excitement). Of course I am going to HAVE to make myself read slowly because I think I will feel like I am losing friends when this final book is completed (hopefully I will get a chance to review it, hint, hint).

I feel excitement and sadness with you. Hugs.

Susan said...


I am just starting "Healing Promises"...but will be so excited to read the next book. I am sure that it's a bitter sweet feeling to come to the end of a series.

Thank you for all of your hard work.

Susan (Heather's SIL)

Amy Wallace said...

Hey, Laurel!

I'd love to have you review Enduring Justice! And I feel the same way in writing it... that I'm saying goodbye to friends. But then again they all get to go live happily ever after now. ;-)

Thanks for understanding and sharing the journey with me!

Amy Wallace said...

Hi, Susan!

I so appreciate your excitement about reading Healing Promises and Enduring Justice. I'm excited to share these stories and the last one in particular. It is hard to come to the end of a series, but there's also a peace about it too. Bitter sweet is a great way to describe the feeling.

Jessica said...

Just remember that all your hard work pays off in the end!

I'll have to visit you once I have my pictures from my Scotland trip printed! I took over 900 this time.

And now that I am "vacation free", hopefully I will be able to read Healing Promises ASAP!

Rel said...

Yay, Amy :) Can't WAIT to read it.

Lotsa love!

Amy Wallace said...

Jessica~ my world traveling friend. ;-) I'm still a little green. But I look forward to viewing your travel scrapbook soon.

And hearing what you think of HP. Gotta get reading. :-)

Amy Wallace said...

Thanks, Rel! I look forward to hearing what you think of EJ too.

Can you believe it's been two years and two books ago that we "met"??? What a gift that was (and is). And it reminds me that closing a chapter doesn't mean leaving everything behind.

Jessica said...

I finally have pictures printed! (Not all 900, about 630). The pictures are not in scrapbook form yet, just in albums. When you want to see them let me know and we will have to pick a time that's good for both of us.

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