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Thursday, June 26, 2008

God is good

Today is one of those days worth celebrating because of little delights. Well... there are some big delights in my list too. ;-)

One of the biggest hoorays is I'M FINISHED WITH THE FIRST ROUND OF EDITS! ;-) Sorry to shout, but I'm in a happy, loud and relieved mood. I know it's only the first of many edits, but it was a great experience.

Another special joy today was receiving some birthday presents from my best friend. Chocolate and a super cool mug with a chocolate picture on it.

Catching up on email and rereading some neat notes from friends and folks letting me know they're praying for me. Very encouraging.

Great books to read when I really should be in bed. :-)

Kisses and cool artwork from my kiddos. They even made me jewelry today as one of their fun summer projects.

A comfortable computer chair! I spend enough time here that a comfy seat is a must.

A healthy family. We've been through some especially extra yucky sicknesses, so it's nice to all be well again.

A Bible to read with notes all over it. Those little slices of life remind me of past lessons and future hope.

That's a short list that could stretch long into the night. Just wanted to share and catch up with you all a little.

Thanks for being here and making this blog a special place!

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