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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Thinking Blogger Award

Thinking Blogger Award

Victoria Gains at Light for the Writer's Soul awarded me a Thinking Blogger Award. This is a high honor because Vicki's blogs are two places I go to have the Word poured in and be encouraged. Her other blog Windows to My Soul is a beautiful place of refreshing.

My nominees for fellow Thinking Bloggers are:

Marilynn Griffith
Rhythms of Grace

Paula Moldenhauer

Tricia Goyer
It's Real Life

Home Steeped Hope

The Heart of a Man


Unknown said...

Thank you, Amy, I feel honored for the nomination. I have already participated in this before though, so I'm not sure how that affects me. Do I do it twice? :)

Congrats on your teaching and the radio interview! I was blessed in reading how God prepared/calmed you right beforehand. I can only imagine feeling the same case of nerves!

Mary (Home-steeped Hope)

upwords said...

Thanks Amy! I don't know if I'm really a "thinker" but thanks for thinking of me. LOL

Amy Wallace said...


You are very welcome! I don't think you have to do any nominations, it was just my way of saying thanks for your great blog!

Amy Wallace said...

Mary G,

You are soooooo a THINKER! And your words always make me think. Thanks for shooting straight to Jesus.

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