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Friday, January 05, 2007

Looking back to move ahead

Sometimes it's good to take a minute and reflect on where you've been. To remember the lessons learned in the past. Mistakes too, so maybe next time around they won't get repeated.

Here's my list for 2006:

1) Living a dream is awesome, but like true worship it costs a great deal.

2) Family time lost will never be regained. But instead of wishing for a different season of life or more hours in a day, I can make the best of what I've been given and cherish the moments I have.

3) Putting my behind in my chair is the best way to meet a deadline. But I have to get out of that chair to exercise or I'll stop fitting into said seat.

4) The wide-eyed wonder of Christmas doesn't have to get packed away with the decorations. A glimpse can be caught even on sick days when everyone is snuggled up watching a favorite movie. It's in those unexpected moments I've found the best reminders to wonder and worship.

5) Treating my husband and myself to an overnight spa trip for our 12th anniversary was an excellent way to usher in a year of REST.

6) The best things in life come when I stop trying to capture them and simply live them.

7) Life is a journey where bad stuff happens, and it's easier to flop down ask "why?" then it is to trust anyway and keep walking. But the why's don't make life any easier to swallow. The strength to get up the next day only comes from remembering God is God and whatever the reasons the simple truth is we are loved and there is a good future for us~ guaranteed.

8) I don't have to keep up with the Joneses or the Clarks or any other "ideal" family, writer, Christian, etc. I am me and my job here is to love God, obey Him, and leave the consequences and how others judge them in His hands. (I'm sure this lesson will show up on my next year's list too because I need the reminder often.)

9) There is suffering in the world and in my backyard that I'll never be able to fix or understand. But I can pray. And only then can I do whatever God shows me to do.

10) There is great joy and reason to celebrate in the world and in my backyard. For them I can be thankful and remember both the rain and the sun come from the all-wise and loving hand of God.

For those of you who know the tears behind every number on this short list, thank you. For your prayers, your listening ear, and your needed reminders to keep walking.

For those of you who have allowed me the privilege of sharing some of your tears and smiles, thank you. Your love and friendship are treasured gifts.

Here's to moving ahead and daily asking with childlike faith, "Daddy, what adventure awaits us today?"


Meg said...

Great thoughts, Amy. Thanks for reminding me to focus on what truly matters.

Heather said...

Ooh..ooh...can I borrow number seven?

Love you Amy! When's the launch party?


Amy Wallace said...

You are very welcome, Meg! I like to read your blog for great reminders too.


Amy Wallace said...


I wrote number seven with you in mind and tears in my eyes. I love you dearly and am praying for you even if I don't post to the momsloop about it.

The launch party is on April 28th. We should have the definite final approval later this month, so please pencil us in and we'll do whatever we can to have you join us!

Love and prayers,

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