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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A child’s perspective on Mother’s Day

Today I’m doing a new thing. Something I haven’t seen on any other blog. I’m featuring what I believe is the youngest guest blogger ever. She’s an eight-year-old dynamo kiddo and very special to my heart.

My own firstborn precious princess.

The reason for featuring her is many-fold. First, Elizabeth is an aspiring author who’s already submitted one story for publication and has such a talent this proud mommy wanted to share her second story. Second, I wanted her to know how special her story is to me. And third, this mommy wanted something a little new for an encouraging Mother’s Day message.

We moms wear all sorts of hats on any given day. My favorites are kid-hugger and chocolate-sharer. ;-) But I also do a fair share of discipliner, dish washer, sick day cleaner upper, boo-boo kisser, devotion leader, book reader, teacher, and role model.

Very often I’m not proud of how poorly I do the above listed jobs. I often fail to speak kindly and love well. And I cringe when I think what type of example I’m setting. Especially on those terrible, awful, no good, very bad days when I should have just stayed in bed.

That’s where Elizabeth’s essay comes in. She wrote about why her mommy is the best mommy in the whole world. I was in tears when I first read it thinking more about how I fail to live up to what she penned.

Then it hit me… this is how my daughter remembers me. She sees beyond my failures and has seen my heart. A heart I know for a fact is filled with love for her and her two precious sisters.

So please read the following story and hear not a “look at Amy” essay. My prayer is you’ll hear my daughter’s words and consider that maybe, just maybe, your children see beyond your mistakes and love you so very much too.

For those to whom this might be painful because you can’t imagine your children saying such things about you…remember your Heavenly Father has already paid for your failures and He knows for a fact there is so much good in your heart.

Isaiah 40:11 says, “He gently leads those that have young.” God is leading you in this most precious calling and cheering you on as you wear one of my favorite names in the whole world, “Mommy.”

So here’s an early Happy Mother's Day to all you moms!!! You are such a precious gift to your family.

Now for my most wonderfulest guest blogger…

My Awesome Mommy
By Elizabeth Wallace

My mom is wise, priceless, helpful, and attractive. She loves to spend time with me and I love to be with her.

She homeschools me and we sometimes go on mommy dates to fun places like the park. She likes to play games and read with me. We do crafts and learn other languages, such as German. It’s lots of fun to go on field trips and walks-or just to play outdoors. Mommy wears lovely dresses and clothes when we go out, and nice sweaters at home. Mommy and I both like music-dancing, listening to it, or singing it. It also brings us enjoyment to read a good book. My mommy is gentle, loving, and kind. We have the best time together.

My mommy encourages me to do my work well all the time. She is glad when I read good books that help me use my imagination. She lets me play and helps me to do my best work. We do projects like mixing vinegar, baking soda, and red food dye in a “volcano” to make it erupt or dissecting an owl pellet or sewing a teddy bear.

For the summer, we go to the beach, do art, explore, study nature, and many other fun things. She uses money she earns from writing books to buy me new clothes or other things for our family. She also gives me what she knows I’ll like for my birthday and Christmas.

In conclusion, my mommy is awesome and deserves much praise. Clearly, She is terrific and helpful.

May all you mommies know how much you are loved! Happy Mother’s Day!


Vicki said...

That was so sweet! What a beautiful spirit your Elisabeth has! Another writer-in-the-making, too--excellent.


Sally Datria said...

What a doll!! She's a great little writer!! My dd did a guest appearance on my blog's titled "My Beloved" if you want to check it out!!

Amy Wallace said...


Thank you so much for your kind words to my precious firstborn. She read your note today and grinned. What a blessing you gave to us both.


Amy Wallace said...


What a wise little girl you have!!! Wow! And you know who I see in her writing~ Jesus and you. Both have had such an neat influence on Bethany and her blog post shines it brightly! Thanks so much for sharing. And for your encouragement to Elizabeth.


celeste said...

I just have to say that I am proud of both Amy and Elizabeth. As a mother-in-law (I prefer to say mother-in-love), the only credit I can claim is that they are always in my prayers. I also claim God's blessings in that one of the sons he allowed us to raise brought Amy, Elizabeth, Hannah and Sarah into our lives! What a wonderful and encouraging mother's day message.

Amy Wallace said...

Thank you, Celeste, for your great comments! We SO appreciate your prayers. And Elizabeth and I are very glad our words encouraged you today.


see-through faith said...

wow. Elizabeth - a wonderful talent

prayers for all those for whome mothers' day is NOT a good day, especially those who are trying for a baby and desperate. My heart goes out to them most this weekend

Amy Wallace said...

Thank you so much for your encouragement to my little girl. ;-)

There are so many for whom Mother's Day is hard. It's good to know there are many praying.


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