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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Go and make disciples

Tonight was the last meeting of my youth discipleship group. My eyes are filled with tears even as my heart smiles. What started last year as a nudge from God became His hands and feet... and hug. God has drawn me to Himself through six young ladies and filled my heart with treasure.

Each treasure has a name~ April, Ari, Christin, Hannah, Kristen, Tiffany.

At our first meeting my daughters gave each of the youth a gift~ a beautiful card with words they prayed would show six girls they’d never met how much God loves them. My daughters drew each of the girls as princesses with a crown too. The pictures were beautiful. The girls even more so. (Remember: “The King is enthralled with your beauty!")

My daughters also gave them a gift bag with a small, framed print. Inside were these words:

April, Ari, Christin, Hannah, Kristen, Tiffany,

"You are my Beloved Princess. I love you~ Jesus"

After they opened their gifts, I asked them one question. "Why are you doing this Bible study?" I cautioned them to go beyond “Sunday school answers” and really think about what they hoped to get out of our time together.

As we talked that first night, one of the girls shared some deep details of her story to help one of the others. Her openness and vulnerability had all of us in tears. Her sacrificial act of loving kindness set the course for our whole time together. Her honesty invited each of us to do the same.

And we did.

We were real. We gave each other the gift of ourselves, with all the bumps, bruises, and warts. ;-) We shared our joys, our tears, and our stories. We talked about boys and beauty, hurts and healing, lies and love. We met God and experienced Him. Together.

I bugged them weekly with tough questions that challenged them to go deeper. They did. And heaven applauds.

Many nights I cried as I prayed for them and listened to their stories. Most evenings we were all in tears and no one wanted to leave. They trusted me with their hearts. And I will be forever grateful for that gift.

I am forever changed too.

During one of the most difficult times of my life, God sent me six precious princesses to show that He is good and He has good in store.

Through these girls I’ve seen what the Body of Christ was created to be. It’s beautiful.

My heart’s desire when I started teaching was to draw these girls to God. To make disciples.

What I see today is that they’ve done this for me.

My heart is full.

To my precious girls: THANK YOU! I love you dearly. You are a treasure.

Christin~ keep seeking. You are God’s moon, reflecting His incredible love and grace. God is pursuing you and He will continue to do so every day of your life. He is your Great Physician and I can see His beautiful work shining in your eyes, through your tears, in your prayers. I see Jesus’ beauty when I look at you.

Ari~ keep writing. In your journal, keep writing about what God is doing in your life. In your life, keep being God’s pen to write about His love in every life you touch.

Kristen~ keep searching. God is the One who meets every need, every longing of your heart. In His time. In Himself.

Tiffany~ keep going deep. Your heavenly Daddy’s hand is always extended in your direction. “Come.” You are beautiful. You are loved. Philippians 1:6

Happy Birthday Monday too! ;-) I’m praying for you.

April~ keep shining your life. You are a beautiful example of a heart surrendered to God. Listen to the voice of Jesus. He sings over you.

Hannah~ keep speaking the truth in love. You are His heart and His voice. A truth teller with deep compassion. You may not see that yet, but I do. Even more importantly, God does. He looks at you and smiles.

There is so much more I want to say…

April, Ari, Christin, Hannah, Kristen, Tiffany~ God’s eyes light up at the thought of you. You are His beautiful princesses. You are loved.

Go ye therefore and make disciples. Share your life. Teach the Truth.

In so doing, you will see…

God’s twinkling smile.

His amazing grace.

His passionate love.

Come to Him. And then go... make disciples... and be made even more like Him.


HeyJules said...

Sll I can say is that someday I hope I have this same kind of experience. What a wonderful time you must have had! I'm sure you have blessed their lives in ways that will send ripples out from each of them for years to come, influencing all they meet. Good work, Amy. Way to care.

Amy Wallace said...

My time with these girls was a God given grace. I hope and continue to pray God will use all we learned together to keep each of us growing in Him. I know He promises He will finish the work He's begun.(Phil 1:6)

I'm so glad you're still peek-a-booing! I love to read your comments.


HeyJules said...

I'm're going to have to fall off the face of the earth before I stop reading you. : )

Amy Wallace said...

I so needed this awesome word of encouragement! Thank you!


my_Romancer said...

Amy this is christin!! You made me feel so special when I read this. I have been looking for that for a while. God is now showing me that I need to be accepted and I need to feel important to you. I just don't from anyone. And every person can't give me that. I don't have a best friend which sux by the way. And some how God is the one who can fill me up. Because I feel like everything is coming all on me and I don't know what to do. I can't do anything. I just I just. I just cry to God. Even when I yell and scream. You have given me so much... and I wish I could give you back something...!! Man...You are amazing...I hope to be a great mother like you when I grow up...!! REALLY...!!! Because your real with God. And you care a lot about your kids to the point that you would go through the hurt and pain and crap...just so that they might not have to..!!! THAT'S AWESOME!!! man I love you AMY!!!

Amy Wallace said...


I love you dearly! Thank you so much for posting this. I so needed the encouragement. If it's one thing I am, it's real. ;-) You too and I think that's awesome!

You remain in my prayers!!!

Much, much love,

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