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Friday, March 25, 2005

Come and sing

I remember my chains
My days in the sand
The bruises and blisters
My heart's barren land

Father, where are you?
Through tears I can't see
Will you deliver?
Come. Rescue me.

My child, listen closely
I'm speaking to you
Remember My nails
Remember the truth
You are forgiven
You are set free
You are My child
Come sing to me

How can I sing?
The notes are all wrong
I don't remember
The words of our song.

The song has since faded
Like the days of my youth
Father, come quickly
I'm hungry for truth.

Come home, Beloved
Come rest, My child
I'm your safe harbor
Come sit for a while
Come let Me hold you
Pour out your life's song
Be still and listen
Here you belong

Every note to your story
Was perfectly placed
By My hand of mercy
By My hand of grace
The deserts, the victories
The wandering days
All hold together
In My embrace

Come child and listen as I sing over you
Come and discover our song's complete tune

Come child and listen
Come seek My face
I AM your longing
Your hiding place
Come let Me fill you
Come and drink deep
Come home, precious child
Come sing with Me.

1 comment:

Sally Datria said...

Amy, I LOVE this!! Can we use this somehow in conjunction with the love letter from God??

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