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Monday, July 11, 2011

Title Help and Something for You

I'm doing a new thing today and praying it will spark some ideas from you creative geniuses out there. Yes, I'm talking to you. ;-)

I found out yesterday I need two new titles for my Mennonite Romantic Suspense books due out in April and October of 2012. So, I'm asking for your help.

I'll post the story blurbs with original titles. The awesome publishing team at Harvest House loved the titles but heard from some bookstore accounts that the titles are overused in the marketplace, so we need something fresh.

Here's where you come in.... please give the information below some prayer and thought and start listing out your title ideas. If I send your title suggestions to my publisher and they pick yours, your name will appear in the acknowledgements with my eternal gratitude and you'll receive a signed copy of the first book when it releases.

Sound good?

Here's a little about the stories:

In Plain Sight

A female police officer’s assistance to a Mennonite runaway forces her into the middle of an escalating battle between two communities and the big city violence she left behind.

Nowhere to Run

Hiding among the Mennonite community fails to protect a female police officer and places everyone she loves in the crosshairs of a dangerous stalker.

I can't wait to see your creative genius! Thanks so much for helping.


Amy Wallace said...

To get things started, here are some titles my children and hubby have come up with...

Book 1:

Breaking Cover
Cover of Darkness

Book 2:

Run for Cover
No Safe Place
Hiding in the Shadows

Roanna said...

Hmm... Here are some suggestions. Not sure they are the best, but hope they help. :)

What about for book 2... Take Book 1's title, but add "Stuck" to it so that it becomes: Stuck in Plain Sight. (Since the police woman is hiding, but "stuck" because she has no where else to go and she's "in plain sight")

Book 1: Community Crosshairs

Marji Laine said...

From your blurbs, I focused on some of your descriptions.

For book 1 you mentioned "left behind" and "runaway" so I thought of MEANS OF ESCAPE.

For book 2 there seemed no means of escape, no place for safety, so I came up with DESPERATE MEASURES. Oh, but I like the idea of "Stuck in Plain Sight" that Roanna suggested.

Sally said...

You could incorporate her painting...A Portrait of Fear...I'm thinking....

Sheila Deeth said...

Bridging the ... plain? and Bridge Underwater?

Anonymous said...

How about "Pulling Taffy' for a title? She may have felt pulled on both sides. However, the great thing about taffy is the more you pull it, the better the texture. Like taffy, God can bring her through this better than ever.

Deena said...

I love series titles with consistency and simplicity...your fam hit it with "Breaking Cover" and "Run(ning) For Cover"....
I prefer "Caught" for book one and "Hidden" for book two...not great, but with good graphics, hey, one never knows:-)

SO GLAD you are doing better! Praying............

Amy Wallace said...

Thank you all for your great title help! Loved your ideas!

I sent in some suggestions but haven't heard a final word on the titles. I'll let you know as soon as I hear.

Roanna said...

Just curious... Did you ever find out what the titles will be?

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