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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!

A beautiful look at the richness of Easter through the art of one of my favorite painters, Ron DiCianni.

Enjoy... and worship Him today. He is risen, indeed!


Carrie L. Lewis said...


I am a fellow member of ACFW and an eloop course-participant. I've been following the links provided in the email announcing the August course and wound up here, at your blog, and watching this wonderful video.

As an artist as well as a writer, I want to thank you for posting the video. I have been familiar with this artist and his wonderful paintings for quite some time, but have never before seen this one. What a blessing!

Thank you.

Carrie L. Lewis

Amy Wallace said...

Hi, Carrie!

Thanks for visiting my blog and for participating in the ACFW online course!

I had the feeling this video was for someone specific when I posted it. So neat to learn it was you!

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