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Friday, August 21, 2009

Good From Excruciating Bad

I get a kick out of telling a group of women that my last baby weighed 11 pounds, 8 ounces.

Wide eyes, wows, and even some bowing follows.

I smile.

And now I've joined a different type of group. What I get when I tell my story is deep empathy and tons of advice.

But it's a painful group to belong to~ these folks know excruciating pain: migraines.

I could list all the physically painful things I've experienced, but I won't. I'll just say that birthing a three-month old was at the top along with a ripped rotator cuff injury.

Now migraines bumped both of those out for first place.

My children have only seen me cry in pain twice. Both times were because of migraines this year.

Thankfully~ praise God!~ I have an amazing doctor who listened to my research and together we charted a new medical course for me.

One that I pray puts migraines squarely in my past.

I also need to say that there were MANY wonderful people whose advice regarding migraines got me through those nightmare days.

The one good thing I will take away from my miserable migraine time is how I watched the Body of Christ work beautifully.

So many prayed along with their helpful advice. Others just prayed. Some sent books. Some just got in the trench with me and practiced the ministry of presence.

My incredible family did all of the above.

I'm SOOOO thankful for each and every one.

And I'm curious. When have you seen the Body of Christ work like that? Or what good have you taken out of a bad experience because of the actions of believers?


fredamans said...

Wow to the large baby indeed! I had 2 and neither were that big. I did have my daughter natural though.

As for migraines, I am a sufferer also. So I feel your pain. My doctor has me taking Naproxen for them, as I am allergic to codeine and cannot have it. I have to admit, the Naproxen doesn't always help. What helps you best??

Amy Wallace said...

Great question! What helps me best is catching the migraine at the first sign. For me that's a shooting pain in my left brain.

Then I take Petadolex/ Butterbur and rest with an ice pack on my neck. (This is just my experience and not medical advice!)

If you'd like to hear more ideas for relief, there were some amazing comments on my Facebook page when I've posted about migraines.

Sure hope you get some relief from them!

Kathleen L. said...

Timely topic. My husband gets migraines frequently, and occasionally, the severity sends him to the ER. Like a couple weeks ago. We live about 15 minutes over country roads from the nearest hospital, and every bump and jar sent him into agonies I can only imagine. I prayed all the way there, only to be met with a long wait in triage.
A portly older black woman saw our distress amidst a crowded waiting room and asked if she could pray. We joined hands and she interceded for my husband with such compassion that I wondered if she was an angel, or the Father-God figure from "The Shack"! LOL
He was seen within fifteen minutes of her prayer.
; )
PS. i thought my son of 9lbs 4oz was big. Oy vey!

Amy Wallace said...

Kathleen, I wonder with you if that wonderful woman in the ER was an angel.

Isn't it awesome that God uses human, angels, and even inanimate things to communicate to us and show us His goodness?!

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