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Friday, October 03, 2008

Filling your well

At the risk of sounding like a broken record (remember those???) I have to say I'm sorry for not blogging much lately. I did share about the ACFW conference and the awesome folks I met.

But since coming home, I've hit the ground running and have taught and started a young writers club with another friend. Talk about energy and fun! Before I had children, I taught and have always loved kids and teens.

They are full of energy and these young authors have creativity and imagination to spare. And some of the moms are aspiring authors too, so I'm loving the opportunity to help and encourage them.

And while I had a blast with the group, I came home needing time to just sit and not be required to talk or do anything.

I know I'm an introvert (regardless of what some friends claim) because I get refilled by alone time or time with my family and close friends.

After the writers group, I got to pray with a very dear friend who's off on an adventure in the west and spent time with another friend laughing about life over coffee.

Those times fill me too.

My husband and kids are almost complete opposites. No surprise there. God has a sense of humor.

They get filled by meeting new folks, doing new things and being on the go. In fact, they're waiting for me to come out of my home office cave and go on a painting adventure.

So I must go...

But I'd love to hear how you all fill up. What makes you come alive? What do you do to recharge and refresh?


Rel said...

I'm with you, Amy yet my hubby is the king of extroverts so know the feeling. The girls love being with people too! I enjoy it as well but need to recharge with some quiet time on my own which I rarely get!

A couple of weekends ago, I went away with 3 BFFs! It was wonderful :)

Amy Wallace said...

Good on you for your weekend away!

And I totally think our families will click right away... someday. ;-)

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